Zach Smith and Courtney Smith Case – Urban Meyer knew about this

Zach Smith and Courtney Smith Case - Who is at Fault?

Zach Smith, who is an assistant of football coach of Ohio State University has been accused of domestic violence by his soon-to-be ex-wife Courtney Smith. She stated her ordeal of being in an abusive relationship with the officers. She filed a complaint against her husband who hit her against the wall and destroyed her car windshield with a golf-stick. She was constantly stalked by him. According to her statement, harassment becomes the new regular in their relationship. She constantly feared that small cameras are hidden in their house.


Reports are claiming that Ohio University Football Coach, Urban Meyer knew about this whole ordeal. He was aware of the violent behavior of Zach Smith yet he chose to be silent. According to the reports of Brett McMurphy, a conversation between Meyer’s wife and Mrs. Smith has been found out where she is asking her whether to get a restraining order against Zach or not? The frequent questions which are being asked are that if Meyer was aware of the whole situation, why his team didn’t take any action against Zach?


Although he has been fired from the post of assistant football coach by Ohio State University his wife is claiming that he has threatened to stop giving her share of employment bonus unless she drops all the charges she has imposed upon him. He was a violent and abusive husband. In last December, Zach was charged with Trespass warning by the police for showing up at the ex – wife house in a complete drunken state around 1:30 in the morning. He was noticed by Courtney’s neighbor relentlessly banging the window of her home.

Investigations are on and police are searching for more proofs.

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