YouTube Celebrity PewDiePie Apologizes for Insensitive meme about Demi Lovato

YouTube Celebrity PewDiePie Apologizes meme about Demi Lovato

PewDiePie apologized to his fans after he posted a meme about Demi Lovato after her hospital stay. The YouTuber posted a mocking photo with a man asking for money from his mother with Demi’s face at the top. The girl asks her parents for money to buy a hamburger before revealing that she would actually buy heroin.

It is believed that PewDiePie, whose real name is Felix Kjellberg, did not make the meme, but shared it from another place. Later, he tweeted:

“He deleted the meme, I did not want to say anything, and I did not know about the situation, now I realized that it was insensitive, I’m sorry.”

Demi was recently hospitalized following a suspected overdose, although her family said some of the information was wrong. Her fans have denied that their hospital stay is related to heroin. The musician’s team announced that she was awake for the first time and confirmed the message in a statement.

“Demi is awake and with her family, who wants to thank everyone for their love, prayers and support,” said her representative. “Some of the reported information is incorrect and requires respectful privacy and no speculation as her recovery and health are the most important thing right now.”

PewDiePie became famous for his gaming videos and has the most subscribed YouTube channel. Since then, however, he has sparked much controversy over his non-gaming content.

This is not the first time that Kjellberg has been involved in a controversy over messages that have been attacked as insensitive or offensive. For example, last year he was fired from the advertising services of Disney and YouTube after he posted a video in which he paid two men to show a “death for all Jews” cartel.

Kjellberg remains the most popular Youtuber with more than 60 million subscribers and his Twitter account has over 15 million followers.


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