Xbox Still Has unannounced Xbox games scheduled for release in 2021


Xbox Director of Program Management Jason Ronald has clarified that there are unannounced Xbox games planned for discharge in 2021.

Talking on an Iron Lords Podcast scene about the Xbox Series X and S, Ronald was asked what game he was generally anticipating in the year ahead, to which he answered, “Not all games that are delivering this year have been declared.”

While not explicitly referring to Xbox Games Studios games, the comment has started hypothesis about whether Ronald is alluding to games coming from Microsoft’s possessed studios – or even its destined to-be claimed studios, given its procurement of Bethesda has stepped forward over the course of the end of the week. Ronald didn’t expound on the point.

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The 2021 Xbox setup as of now has weighty hitters like Halo Infinite and Psychonauts 2 in transit however, obviously, Microsoft is wanting to add more to the lineup. Strangely, Xbox Marketing supervisor Aaron Greenberg as of late said toward the beginning of the month that there was “nothing coming soon” concerning significant game declaration occasions, so maybe don’t expect these secret games to be uncovered in the amazingly not so distant future.

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In other Xbox news, Series X, S and Xbox One are getting an overhauled program that can apparently play Google Stadia games. The Biden organization is presently assessing the stock chains that are causing deficiencies in supply for the Xbox Series X and S, just as the PS5.

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