Xbox One Mouse and Keyboard Support Confirmed by Microsoft, X018 Conference To be Held in November

Xbox One Mouse and Keyboard Support

All the Xbox One users cheer up as the much-awaited Keyboard and Mouse Support has just been announced by Microsoft. Xbox head, Phil Spencer has announced that all the Xbox One consoles will get a mouse and keyboard support soon.

In addition, Phil also stated that the X018 conference will be held in Mexico City in November 2018. However, the Xbox head Phil hasn’t yet revealed any particular date for the X018 conference. According to what Phil described, the mouse and keyboard support for the console will enable all the players to enjoy a totally new and remarkable experience.

Additionally, the mouse and keyboard support will, in fact, help the game devs to understand all its mechanics so they can offer the same support in other games. This will, in fact, allow all the fans to enjoy keyboard and mouse support in other games on Xbox One.

Most of the Xbox One owners have been asking for the Keyboard and Mouse support. And now, Microsoft has indeed heard all the Xbox One fans and they have finally announced this service. After the announcement, now the manufacturer also has made it a little easy for all the Xbox One owners.

The X018 is actually a celebration for the Xbox One for all those who own a console. The event is lined up for November 2018. However, Microsoft hasn’t yet released an official date and time for the event to take place. X018 is all set to make a debut in November 2018. It will be the venue for the fourth annual Xbox Fanfest 2018. The event will cover the latest news, first looks of various Xbox consoles, game releases, and as a launch platform for a number of Microsoft items.

Do you own an Xbox One? Are you happy to hear the news about Keyboard and Mouse support for the console? Well, do let us know all about it. We’ll be more than happy to have your feedback. Stay tuned for more video gaming news.

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