Wizards Tourney Set For 21st September Launch on PC and Fall for PS4, Have a Look at the New Features

Wizards Tourney

The much-awaited wizardry marvel Wizards Tourney by A Bonfire of Soul finally has a release date. The French developer has recently announced that they will be releasing Wizards Tourney on September 21st, 2018. They have also revealed that the game will be releasing on PlayStation 4 in the fall. However, the developer hasn’t yet revealed the final dates for the PS4 release.

Wizards Tourney is a party game that takes up to four players and pitches them against each other to complete various tasks. The ultimate purpose of the game is to compete and show who is the most skillful of all. Players can use various magic tricks and skills to defeat their rivals and become the ultimate wizards.


According to the game’s overview on Steam, the following key features are added to the game.

Players can compete against friends or the CPU in a number of different trails of Wizards Tourney. Each trail is set in a unique environment and has its own unique mechanics. In addition, players will be able to select and customize their characters using various in-game options.

Also, annoying and dodging the rivals is much more fun in Wizards Tourney. Players can hinder the progress of others. This feature alone is a good news for all those who are fed up of the mainstream mechanics.

Accordingly, players will not get bored as this game is much action oriented and not the idle one. Each of the game’s trails offer a different challenge with its own game mechanics. Not only that, players will also enjoy the ever-changing environments as well as the scenarios.

On top of all that, players will also be able to enjoy an easy yet exciting rewarding system that is promised by the developer.

As one of the most sought-after games of 2018, fans around the globe are eagerly waiting for Wizards Tourney to release. As of now, the game’s release dates are out. Hopefully, we’ll hear more about the game in the near future.

Watch Wizards Tourney official trailer below.


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