Windows Store Exclusives Recore: Definitive Edition, Tale, Zoo Tycoon and Others now available on Steam

THQ Nordic

Recore series games disappointed a lot of fans, not because the games were bad but because of the unpleasantness while downloading the games via Windows Store. Well, to cope with this problem once and for all, Recore: Definitive Edition and four other windows exclusives made their way to Steam.

Well, you’ve heard it right, you can now download all these games for PC via Steam. The other windows store exclusives include Tale, Disneyland Adventures, Rush: A Disney – Pixar Adventure, and Zoo Tycoon: Ultimate Animal Collection. All these games are available now on Steam and you can download them without any hassle.

This amazing news surfaced just after the recent collaboration between THQ Nordic and Microsoft. The announcement came out in August at Gamescom. According to the announcement, THQ Nordic has now the right to distribute games that have been previously published by Microsoft. However, they have a right to distribute all the Microsoft games only on Steam and in physical formats as well.

In addition, as most of the reports suggest, it isn’t yet confirmed that how many games will be coming to steam. But until now, other than the titles mentioned above, no other Windows Store exclusives are lined up for a release on Steam.

It’s a good news for all the fans of these windows store exclusives, as they can now download hassle free. It’ll definitely offer more speed and less downloading time with a variety of new titles to come.

Hopefully, in the near future, fans will be able to download more Microsoft Windows Store exclusives via Steam. What are your views on this latest development? Do you want to see more Microsoft Windows Store exclusives on Steam? Want to share your favorites with us? Do let us know by dropping a comment or two below.

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