Will There Be An Insatiable Season 2 Released On Netflix?

Insatiable Season 2

The black comedy-drama experienced a backlash from all over the world for exposing the issue of fat-shaming. People were furious over the creators Lauren Gussis and have filed a petition on change.org which is signed by 230,000. Lauren on her defence said that this issue is close to her heart and the ultimate purpose of the show was to make people feel comfortable in their skin irrespective of their body type.

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How many episodes will there be in Insatiable Season 2?

It’s totally up to Netflix whether there even will be a second season of the show or not. If there is a possibility of a second season then there will be 12 episodes of 1 hour each just like season 1. More likely the season two will be back in 2019

What will be the cast for Insatiable Season 2?

Patty Bladell, the protagonist of the show played by Debby Ryan will be back in season two. Along with her, Dallas Roberts, Alyssa Milano, Kimmy Shields, Michael Provost and Christopher Gotham will all be recruited back.

The show revolves around a teenage girl named Patty who is bullied for being overweight. So, after following a strict liquid diet for 3 months she turned into a skinny girl and now wants to take revenge on her bullies with the help of a disgraced civil lawyer, Mr. Bob.


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