Will: A Wonderful World Set for a Launch in October on Nintendo Switch, Game’s Key Features Revealed

All the Nintendo Switch owners and fans cheer up, as your favorite Will: A Wonderful World is just about to get out. According to the publisher Circle Entertainment, the story-driven marvel is coming out on Nintendo Switch in October.

Both the game’s publisher and developer 4D Door Games held a press brief recently and revealed the release of the game. However, they haven’t spoken about the exact release dates yet. Also, with the game’s launch news, the developer also revealed some of the game’s key features to the public.

According to the information revealed by the duo, Will: A Wonderful World is a story-driven puzzle game. The story revolves around an urban legend;

Write your troubles down on a note. Hold it in your hand at midnight and pray. “God, please help me…” Then God will hear your plea and change your fate.

People who believe in this urban legend, are found all over the world. They write their troubles on a paper and ask God to help them.

No matter if you’re a believer or a non-believer, this game has the potential to involve you in the story and make you feel like it’s your own. As one of the best and most adored story-driven puzzle game, Will: A Wonderful World is widely played on PC. It was released in late June this year on PC via Steam.

The game’s developers have also revealed some new features that the players on Nintendo Switch will be enjoying as well. These features include a new design, the ability to receive letters from people seeking help. Besides, fans will be treated to a feature of the revelation of more new characters via in-game letters. Punchy new music tracks are also added to the game as a bonus.

Various new still images and animations will also be available for all the Nintendo Switch players.

As soon as the official release dates of Will: A Wonderful World are out, we’ll get back to you. Stay tuned for more about Will: A Wonderful World Nintendo Switch version.

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