VLC Blacklists Huawei Phones – Huawei Users Can’t Download The VLC Player Anymore

VLC Blacklists Huawei Phones – These phones have no access to Install VLC player

The Android OS is diverse. It allows the users to do so much more than what they can do on their iOS devices. However, there are a few Android devices which do not allow the Android Apps to work properly. For example, these apps cut the background features of the Apps. One such thing happened earlier this week.

The VLC player on Huawei

The VLC player is one of the best free media players across all platforms. It plays in the background too, which is fun for all the users. They can listen to the sound even when the screen turns black.  However, the Huawei phones do not allow such playback options.

Why did VLC Blacklist Huawei

The VideoLAN team blacklisted the Huawei phones from downloading the VLC player from Google Store. The Huawei users will not find VLC player on Google Play Store now. The developers told the news that there are several reasons for them to blacklist the Huawei phones.

Pen of the reasons is that many users complain that VLCs many features do not work on these phones. One of these important features is the video playback option. It is the background playing when the screen turns black.

The developers say that the Chinese manufacturer is too aggressive about the background app policy. According to the policy, it does not allow any app to run in the background. The VLC developers cannot do anything about this policy. So they decided to blacklist the app for the Huawei phones. Many users complain that VLC is not working on Huawei which creates a bad impression. It affects the rating of their app. Many users think that it is a great decision, for others, it is still not good.

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