Vikings Season 6: Release Date, Episode Count, Spoilers, Cast, Location and More

Vikings Season 6 Return Date Confirmed

Vikings season 6 is confirmed by its show’s makers, but the question is when will this new season get released? Here’s everything that you want to know.

Season 6 is returning after the confirmation from History earlier this year. The episodes of season 6 were shot on the location in Ireland. There are going to be 20 episodes in this forthcoming run that is split in two.

Vikings season 5 premiered on 29 November 2017 in the UK and was made accessible on Amazon Prime. Next 10 episodes will start airing on November 28, 2018. As the premiere date of the last 3 seasons has had a 1 day gap, our prediction is that season 6 will premiere on November 27, 2019.


The plot of season 6 depends on what happens in the second half of its fifth run. Michael Hirst, the creator of the show, said about the new season: “Vikings will go outwards as traders and raiders.”

It also depends on what happens in the second half of the fifth season, to determine the cast of season 6. If their character dies in the second half of this season then there will be no way for them to return for the sixth season. Unless they were gonna be part of a flashback.

An addition to the cast of season 6 that we know about is Danila Kozlovsky. He will be joining the cast as Oleg of Novgorod, a prince who conquered cities.

The confirmation by History has been made that season 6 may have a total of twenty episodes that may air in 2 parts. The number of episodes in season 6 follows suit with the previous two seasons also being 20 episodes long.


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