Vikings Season 6 Return Date Confirmed: Second half of season 5 will air on November 2018

Vikings Season 6 Return Date Confirmed

Vikings season 6 is confirmed by its show’s makers, but the question is when will this new season get released? Here’s everything that you want to know including its release date and lots more.

Sason 6 is returning after the confirmation from History earlier this year. The episodes of the season 6 were shot on the location in Ireland. There are going to be 20 episodes in this forthcoming run that is split in two.

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When is Vikings season 6 getting released?

Vikings season 5 premiered on 29 November 2017 in the UK and was made accessible on Amazon Prime. Next 10 episodes will air in November, 2018, though the specific air date has not yet given.

Is there any trailer for the Vikings season 6?

As of now, there is no official trailer, but we will update the article with the latest news on its forthcoming run.

What can be seen in this new season 6?

The plot of season 6 depends on what happens in the second half of its fifth run. By, Vikings executive producer and creator Michael Hirst said in a new season: “Vikings will go outwards as traders and raiders.” His words recommend that season 6 can bring about the big plot twist that can change the entire course of this show.

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How many episodes are there in the Vikings season 6?

The confirmation by History has been made that season 6 may have a total of twenty episodes that might be aired in 2 parts. A number of episodes in the season 6 follows suit with an earlier run that got 20 episodes.

The first season of Vikings had just 9 episodes while second & third had 10 episodes respectively.

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