Valve adds to CS:GO a new $1 per month subscription service


Since 2018, Valve has offered Dota Plus, a $4 each month Dota 2add-on that incorporates, among different advantages, admittance to more profound post-game examination and details. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is presently getting something comparative. In the fix notes for the game’s most recent update, Valve commits a solitary line to CS:GO 360 Stats, another $1 each month membership administration that will get you admittance to coordinate investigation from your cutthroat, chief and partner games.

As per a FAQ spotted by Rock Paper Shotgun, players can pursue the extra straightforwardly inside the game, however there’s one critical catch: the game will just record your exhibition while you have a functioning membership. It additionally will not keep a count of your details in easygoing and scrimmage game modes. Typically, some in the CS:GO people group aren’t excited with the declaration. They bring up that sites, for example, offer free detail following, and that numerous games that are pretty much as old as CS:GO let players perceive how they’ve played in the past without paying anything extra.

At the point when I used to contend in Counter-Strike 1.6 competitions, I would do as such with a print-out of the guide we were playing taped to the divider by my screen. The present Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players go a few stages further chasing being greater at tapping in heads than the other group.

To help them, Valve have dispatched another membership administration called CS:GO 360 Stats. For $1 per month, players gain admittance to coordinate details from their Competitive, Premier and Wingman game mode matches.

Valve discreetly reported the assistance as a component of the most recent delivery notes. It’s light on detail, yet a FAQ has somewhat more. You can join to the help in-game, and just matches you play while your membership is dynamic have their details recorded.

It’s not satisfactory to me how much advantage this proposals to players well beyond free administrations effectively accessible. For instance, and offer comparable details at no expense, while you can transfer demo records to Leetify to have them broke down by an AI.

There is a comparable authority membership administration for Dota 2, called Dota+, however it offers significantly more than details (and costs more, at $4 every month). Perhaps CS:GO 360 Stats is a toe in the water and the membership, or the details, will fill on schedule. Albeit right now the CS:GO people group is generally concerned Valve will contend by slaughtering off all these free details sites through restricting their API.

The detail administration isn’t the solitary change in the most recent update. The chicken models have likewise gotten a visual redesign, and on exemplary guide Nuke, somebody has “Focused a light that was messing with me”. With an update transported by Valve recently, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has met with a few significant changes. The size of the update is roughly 1 GB.

The Operation Broken Fang which started on December 03, 2020, has closed. Old has supplanted Train in the Active Duty map pool and the designers have presented Snakebite Case including 17 new skins.

Clients who actually haven’t completed their missions can do as such until May 15 and guarantee the compensations too. The view models of chickens have clearly gotten a “visual overhaul”. With Train moving to the Reserve pool, a few new guides have been added for scrimmage, easygoing, deathmatch and partner mode.

Valve has likewise added an exceptional membership administration called CS:GO 360 Stats for clients who wish to keep seeing serious and partner measurements as they did during the Operation Broken Fang. The membership, like DotA+, is valued at $1 each month.

A few clients are shocked over the expulsion of Train, rather than Mirage, from the Active Duty map pool and the incorporation of CS:GO 360 Stats which, the pundits say, ought to be made open in vain.

The Snakebite Case has the gloves from Broken Fang Case as uncommon unique things. The update likewise gets upgraded security and settles the game. A few guides including Nuke, Ancient and Frostbite have gotten minor changes also.


  • Chicken models have gotten a visual update.
  • Fixed people group maps whose surfaces would seem dark because of past security fixes.
  • The \ key can again will undoubtedly orders. On the off chance that you were utilizing this key previously, you should tie it once more.
  • Extra security and strength enhancements.
  • Added a possibility for enormous local area guides to blur the Boost Player Contrast highlight past the far-Z haze plane by setting fadeplayervisibilityfarz to ‘valid’ in info_map_parameters.


  • Antiquated has been added into the current rivalry map pool Active Duty Group and Train has been taken out from Active Duty Group.
  • Granulate and Mocha have been added to true matchmaking in Scrimmage, Casual, and Deathmatch game modes, supplanting Apollo, Engage, and Anubis.
  • Calavera and Pitstop have been added to true matchmaking in Wingman game mode, supplanting Elysion and Guard.
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