Valkyria Chronicles will be Available on Nintendo Switch Next Month

Valkyria Chronicles

Next month, Valkyria Chronicles Remastered will be available on Nintendo Switch. The price of the game has been decided i.e. $20. The latest installment in the Valkyria Chronicles series is Valkyria Chronicles 4. The first version of the game was officially designed for PS3 and then after sometime, it was made available on PC. The Remastered version of the game with a few upgrades in visual graphics was made available for PS4.

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The creators of Valkyria Chronicles, Ryutaro Nonaka and Shuntaro Tanaka made the game for PS3 in 2008. It’s a tactical role-playing game and has a military theme. Along with the game, the anime has been created on the same theme.

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16th of October has been officially announced by the developer, Sega, for the release of the Nintendo Version of the game. Players who have purchased Valkyria Chronicles 4 can avail 25% discount off on the launch price of the game. In Japan, the announcement was made a few months back regarding the release of both the games, now the official announcement has been made for the Western countries.

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