UBERMOSH OMEGA PC Version Full Game Free Download

UBERMOSH OMEGA PC Version Full Game Free Download

UBERMOSH OMEGA PC Version Full Game Free Download

UBERMOSH OMEGA is a Adventure Action and Fighting game for PC. Bring down them!


Select your saint and provide consciousness using weapons and your gear. Face of the enemies at a art game.

It took 5 decades of amazing and tweaking community feedback to come up with the show UBERMOSH. UBERMOSH:OMEGA, the last volume of the show, is that the apex of this”90 moments gun-fueled pit” concept. Over sprites, gameplay and rich style created a brief but extreme experience that was retro-arcade.

“It’s my very best work up to now, and it wouldn’t be possible with no comprehensive players’ beliefs and ideas through evolution, many thanks!” -Walter Machado

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UBERMOSH:OMEGA is a hardboiled pit battle sport that is top notch. Pick a Saint and deliver enlightenment… using weapons.


  • CLASSES – the classes play out very differently. Artificer Wook’s lightning attack can annihilate entire groups of enemies instantly, but he has no sword to deflect bullets. Blademaster Q is unable to use guns, but her twin scythes turn enemy attacks back against them, and her double melter will wipe the entire map clean every so often. Also, each class has two smaller upgrade choices, ranging from extra respawns (the default), to increased movement speed, to autoguns. Overall this adds a ton of variety to the gameplay. Each class has score tracked differently, which is fun.
  • MORE ENEMIES – the same basic enemies are there, of course. But OMEGA has more shielded enemies, and enemies with more attacks, including one which fires Shredder projectiles that can’t be blocked and must be dodged. This dramatically increases the depth of the gameplay in the lategame, since you can’t just spam attacks in every direction to wipe out the whole screen. You have to maneuver carefully to manage shielded enemies and Shredders.
  • ONE EXTRA GUN – this isn’t actually new with OMEGA, it came out in Santicide, but I didn’t play Santicide, so it’s new to me.
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Minimum System Requirements:

  • Processor: 3.5 GHz
  • Graphics: 1 GB
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Storage: 800 MB available space
UBERMOSH OMEGA PC Version Full Game Free Download
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