Training Points Guide of the Madden NFL 19

Training Points Guide of the Madden NFL 19

In Madden NFL 19, the training point is one of the new additions that give you an opportunity to improve the avid gamers in it.

You can also use the points guide to know about a couple of other ways to earn the training points.

Training Points In Madden NFL 19:

You can perform the solo challenges or promote the playing cards that you may not want which is a great opportunity for you.

Farm the Training Points:

There are some points that you need to follow:

  • First of all, you need to promote every single card that you do not want to sell.
  • Sell your silver as well as gold cards.
  • Transfer a few of your lower silver cards to your playbooks and sell them for the maximum cash offer you receive.
  • Carry on the flash sale for a long time till you reach around 50,000 coins.
  • To receive the card “Pierre Garcon Flashbacks” use earned cash. The card has a score of 87.
  • Once you will get the card “Pierre Garcon flashback” you will promote it for the training points of 775.

In this way, you can get some training points in the easiest way. You may get around 50,000 coins.

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