Toy Story 4 to Release in Next Year Summer 2019

Toy Story 4 to Release in Next Year Summer 2019

It’s really happening soon. We will be seeing Buzz, Woody, and all his gang again! Disney & Pixar Animation have confirmed Toy Story 4 release date.

Fourth installment of this most popular franchise is going to premiere in your nearest cinemas by June 2019. This film will come after a 9-year gap after Toy Story 3 series.

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A Great Comeback

Disney announced this news through an official Facebook page of Toy Story, with a giant post – with a number ‘4’ in a Toy Story style. Your childhood days are returning because Buzz Light-year, Woody, and all the gangs will be making the comeback after a long time and for real! After 5 years of suspicion and rumors, Pixar and Disney have confirmed Toy Story 4 release date.

Favorite Characters are back

Some details of the sequel are released, but it’s reported that the key characters are going to return: Woody, Jessie, Bo Peep, and Buzz. There was no news on the Toy Story 4 from the past some months, but Pixar was working away on this project. It’s confirmed by the director, Josh Cooley that Toy Story 4 will release in the US through his Twitter account.

Toy Story Sequel

He’s Stephany Folsom who worked earlier on Thor, is hired by Disney and Pixar to write for a Toy Story sequel. Still, it’s aiming for June 2019 release, this film appears to be the highest priority for the studio.

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The Release Date for Toy Story 4

Toy Story 4 is yet to be scheduled for release in 2019. As we hear from the makers, here is our look at what you can expect from this film. It’s scheduled to be released in Summer June 2019.

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