Too Kyo Games: Danganronpa and Zero Escape Writers Collaborate to Form a Video Game Development Company and Announce 4 New Projects

Too Kyo Games

One of the leading names that come to mind when thinking about video games and magazines operating in and around Japan is Famitsu. Shinji Hashimoto and Yoshinori Kitase – two of the leading directors and producers working for Square Enix Producers (better known for creations such as Dragon Quest, Nier Automata and likes) recently announced its collaboration with the gaming company Famitsu and also dropped a major bomb on the world which came in the form of a revelation of the formation of a brand new gaming studio to be formed and headed by a really famous gaming developer as per the official statements.

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In a really drastic turn of events, Famitsu did manage to reveal the name of the new studio-bound to be formed – “TOO KYO GAMES”, but to retain an element of surprise and keep fans on their toes, the identity of the developer who would be the heir apparent to the TOO KYO GAMES production house has been retained and kept a secret. To further intensify the excitement levels, the name of the developer has been teased in a puzzle-like manner (hinting at “too crazy” as per Twitter). The revelation of the developer will be done on the 11th of September on a live stream. Coming collectively, Famitsu and Square Enix Productions have made the purpose behind the formation of a new gaming studio as clear as possible:

“To bring about the next level of sophistication and entertainment to the gaming industry from the glamorous city of Tokyo and make it available for the whole world to see”.

The company also announced 4 new projects during its founding live stream presentation.


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