Tips on How to Celebrate Indian Independence Day 2018

Indian Independence Day 2018

Indian Independence Day is the day of happiness, joy, and remembrance for all Indians. India got freedom on 15th August 1947 and took a vow to create an independent and peaceful country. Indians celebrate their Independence Day on 15th August every year and remember the freedom struggle fought by our great freedom fighters. This day India not only did get freedom from British rule but also promised itself to build a better and prosperous nation for its citizens.

This year India is celebrating its 72nd Independence Day and like every year the Red Fort will be the place for hosting the Indian flag. Programs and functions will be conducted at the Red Fort by students, Army personnel and the Indian Government. Indian Independence Day is the day of rejoicing and happiness. It’s celebrated with excitement in every corner of the country. Indian government invites a chief guest from a foreign nation to oversee the Independence Day parade and program held at Red Fort. All schools, colleges, and other important institutions celebrate it by hoisting the national flag in their premises and remembering the contribution of our forefathers.

People also like to put small flags on their vehicles just to relive the moment of freedom and share the tradition of love and mutual co-operation among friends and families. The children, specifically, enjoy this day with full vigor. They participate in school functions, programs and have sweet, chocolates and snacks on this day.

So forget every problem for now and celebrate this Indian Independence Day by doing one of these things.

  1. Make creative things in tricolor from waste material – This is the day you can bring back a creative side of yours and make/create something in tricolor from waste materials. Old bangles, newspapers, green dried leaves, white paints or possibly anything could be turned out to a beautiful productive craft and can be painted in tricolor. You can give it to your children, gift it to elder ones or can just keep it at your home. This small but beautiful idea can make your holiday more enjoyable.
  2. Visit relatives, friends, and family – In this digital world of today, we have become comfortable in sending WhatsApp messages, updating profiles with Independence Day pages etc. This year you can get out of your usual comfort zone and visit the beloved ones, that you might have been considering for a long time. Visiting and spending quality time could be one of the best Independence Day of your life. Don’t’ believe? Then try it.
  3. Ask your children to arrange a program – These days children are not in touch with the Indian culture and tradition. Make your child write something on Independence Day or ask societies’ children’s group to arrange a program on Independence Day and invite elders in the evening. This will develop a love and respect among children for the rich tradition of India and it will also make you happy for carrying out this plan.
  4. Cook something for the family – Open the Google page and search for easy but interesting recipes that you can cook for your family on this day. This will not only bring back the old memories but will also enhance the love between family members.
  5. Watch TV program on DD national – We have seriously forgotten to tune in to the DD National early morning of every 15th August. This Independence Day if you don’t have anything to do or if you live alone then worry not, but switch on the TV, tune in to DD National and enjoy the Flag Hoisting at Red Fort.

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