The Persistence PSVR October 18th Free Update Brings In Four New Game Modes, New Accessibility Features For The Disabled, and Sharp Visuals

The Persistence

The Persistence, On of the iconic PSVR Sci-Fi, Stealth video game with Horror and Roguelike elements is all set to receive a new free update next week on October 18th. The new update is will include four new game modes, new accessibility features for the disabled, and sharp visuals.

Currently, the game has only two modes, Campaign and Survival Mode. The Survival Mode limits the respawn for players to 10 in a campaign. This simply means that The Persistence, at the moment, lacks variety in it because of the limited game modes. The new modes will definitely add more variety to the game. The new game modes for The Persistence include Glass Canon, Campaign+, First Blood, and Permadeath.

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Glass Canon

The Glass Canon is a survival mode that offers unlimited ammo for your guns in the game. In addition, players will have 24 increasingly difficult rooms in this particular mode. Players will be able to use these room to reach the escape pod at the end.


The Campaign+ is technically a new Game Plus mode that allows you to play the game’s main campaign once again with all the weapons and upgrades from your previous run. This mode comes with Ultra Hard difficulty level.

First Blood

First Blood mode is much like the Glass Canon mode for The Persistence. In this mode, players will have to make it sure to reach an escape pod. This mode restricts your weapons to only a Peacekeeper knife and requires your stealth abilities to clear it.


The Permadeath is quite different than the other new game modes that come with the free update. It allows only one life for you in the campaign but lets you travel instantly between decks and recovery. This, in turn, allows the players to upgrade and buy new gear quickly.

Additionally, with the new free update for The Persistence come new features for the disabled players. All the visually and hearing impaired players will now get in-game help. The hearing impaired players will now be able to use the new features that offer on-screen indicators that help them to know where the key audio is occurring.

Also, the new Assist mode lets players slow down game’s speed, reduce the amount of damage received, infinitely teleport, have infinite ammo, tag all the enemies, and have an auto shield deployed all the times.

The Persistence is now available for PSVR at a price of $29.99. Check out the new Accessibility Feature trailer for the game below.

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