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The Persistence Free Download

The Persistence challenges you, a replica of safety officer Zimri Elder, to endure aboard a doomed deep space colony starship, overrun with horrible and murderous aberrations. You’re the survivor. Your assignment? Restore performance into the boat and make your way back to Earth. The one thing which stands in the means of conserving the starship is a range of monstrosities replenished from the ship clone printer.

The Persistence Pre-Installed Game

When an experience with those foes reveals deadly, Zimri’s awareness is uploaded into a new host body, prepared for another effort. The colony starship includes a macrostructure that may change its structure — and due is going to occur. Upon stirring at a new cloned body or about teleporting between decks, the design of this starship will change every time. Every trip to The Persistence and each will likely be exceptional and equipment to accumulate & update.


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