THE MERCURY MAN PC Full Version Free Download

THE MERCURY MAN PC Full Version Free Download

THE MERCURY MAN PC Full Version Free Download

The Mercury Person is a Casual, Adventure and Action match for PC. The future’s times!

The Mercury Man PC Game Overview:

Have been delivered into Mars. Additionally, they are broken up into the wealthy, the bad and two sides.

The sport is an game from the action genre with a few experience variables. It’s put in its own universe’s much harsh future.

2310 individuals on Earth discovered a way to cure all infections. By 2315 Russia was entered by the tech. The procedure’s objective was supposed to restore the individual’s blood. In the first years only the weakest could endure it, but сlandestine practices which supplied bloodstream replacement aid to get a little amount of cash gradually rose. At precisely the exact same time, they were encouraged by the amount of men and women who obtained infections became larger and bigger and the germ medication. Soon it became evident that being local”mercuries”, that is how individuals who moved the transfusion were known as, is severe.

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Because of this, the entire world government suggested a ban on mercury solutions police sections of predators were assembled, who murdered mercury individuals and tried out. However, the wealthy and the politicians continued to perform transfusions. In the long run this resulted in civil riots. The legislation execution sided with most of mercuries and individuals shipped to Mars and were also grouped. The authorities government regulated earth. Mars was divided into two areas – the outer zone, to where the poor who had processes in the сlandestine practices were routed, and also the inner zone at which former best of society lived.

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Features of The Mercury Man:

  • Unique soundtrack
  • Black humor, which nicely matches into the gloomy and depressive attitude of the game
  • Greate plot
  • Stylish hand-drawn arts

Minimum System Requirements:

  • Processor: Intel i3 1.8GHz
  • Graphics: GeForce GT 720M
  • Storage: 2000 MB available space
THE MERCURY MAN PC Full Version Free Download
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