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Each component of your character is going to be needed to get success. Your abilities, which can be represented by your deck, decide what actions you may take in conflict. As your journey continues you will grow in power by discovering new and more effective equipment to enhance these skills or provide other unique bonuses. Finally, during coaching, you will end up stronger, brighter, quicker and complete more effective with each action taken not just in battle, but during your adventure.

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The previous Hex is a mixture of a card game, role-playing elements and strategy, where you have to go on a long and dangerous travel through a medieval fantasy world filled with creatures, magical, and more In the story, you’ll need to lead a squad of heroes and also go on a long journey through the fantasy world Universally adaptable, how that you build your character together with the cards that you pick gives full customization allowing for mid-game adjustments to your build and style. What choices will you make to realize your aims ?



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