The Game Paradise: Cruisin Mix Special will launch on PS4 in Japan

The Game Paradise

The creators of The Game Paradise: Cruisin Mix Special have released the official statement regarding the launch of the game for PS4 on 29th November 2018 in Japan. The director, Masahiro Arai and assistant director Naoki Kazaana have confirmed that the game is the sequel of The Game Paradise: Cruisin Mix which was released in 2017, but this sequel is advanced and features an incredible set of characters. They will also be collaborating with Tatsujin of Toaplan for enriching the experience of players.

History of the Game Paradise

The Game Paradise is famous for its arcades since 1995. The famous Game Tengoku beat all the trending games of 1997 and become the most popular arcade created by The Game Paradise.

The game also features characters which are solely designed by Tatsuya Souma, the greatest manga artist of all time. The theme of the game revolves around characters supported by four original songs of the series to give a realistic touch to it. The animation made the fans go crazy for the game. So now with the new sequel, we expect it to become an even bigger hit.


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