‘The Expanse’ Season 4 — Now Confirmed Millions of Fans are Waiting

'The Expanse' Season 4 - Now Confirmed Millions of Fans are Waiting

“The Expanse” continues with its thrills and adventures for the fourth season as well, thanks to the millions of fans who were quite vocal about this show and Prime, who snapped up this series from the Syfy after the cancellation. At the Comic – Con panel for this series that was a part of Amazon’s series showcase, entire crew made their appreciation felt.

The Expanse” currently is airing its 3rd season on Syfy, and with cable networking cancelling this series soon. Shortly when it got cancelled, it got reported that the giant Amazon is in talks for continuing this series produced and financed by Alcon Group.

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How can Amazon ignore such efforts? They cannot. In month of May, Amazon released following statement:

“We can’t be more thrilled that series of ‘The Expanse’ will continue on the Amazon Prime! We’re very thankful that Jen Salke, Jeff Bezos, and the entire team at Amazon have shown complete faith in our series. We would like to thank Laura, the head of Alcon for her diligent efforts. We’re completely aware that it might have not happened if it was not for the astounding outburst of support and appreciation from the creative and hard working fans across the world.

Syfy had just first-run rights in the US to Expanse that was based on Corey’s book series in a same name and also starred Steven Strait. The Amazon Studios had rights to first 3 seasons of this show. Jeff is an ardent fan of this book —source material was displayed on screen when the executive displayed Kindle Fire to the press for the first time— and was furious that this TV series went onto Syfy.

Expanse was the costly sway for Syfy, and nature of this deal put extra pressure on this series to perform on the linear network as cabler didn’t have international or SVOD rights to gain from. Drama was the Syfy’s major push back in it’s traditional sci-fi genre.

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