Tetris Effect Makes a Debut on PS4 This November with Tons of Bricks, Mesmerizing Puzzles, And PSVR Support

Tetris Effect

Earlier this year, reports came out that the developers of Iconic Rez Infinite, the Enhance Games, were working on a new Tetris game. Well, those reports finally came true. The Enhance Games has just announced that Tetris Effect is all set to make its debut on PS4 this year in November. The dev also said that the game will come with PSVR support as well.

According to Tetsuya Mizuguchi, the developer, the Tetris Effect is a VR-enhanced video game. It will be releasing on November 9th, 2018. Moreover, the game will offer full PSVR support. So, fans should get ready for an awesome block dropping and colorful fun.

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The game offers a beautiful combination of classic block-dropping and 3D imagery fun. In addition, unlike the older versions of Tetris, fans will find this one more relaxing and soothing to play. Almost all of Tetsuya Mizuguchi games are focused deeply on the idea of challenging puzzles and hypnotic music filled experiences. This one never ceases to amaze as it is probably the best of all his creations.

With a variety of beautiful combinations of colors and sounds, Tetris Effect offers a distinctive experience. If you want to enjoy it on PSVR, this game will really blow you away with the level of detail and room for the game-play.

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According to Mizuguchi in a recent interview;

Our goal was to make the experience of playing Tetris feel better than it ever has before, and I think everything—visuals, music, and stage concepts—is firing on all cylinders on that front.

In addition to making the experience feel good, we were also motivated to find a way to introduce storytelling into the mix. Our intent was to find a way to update Tetris into a brand new kind of experience while still keeping it comfortable and familiar to anyone who has played Tetris before.

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