Tetris Effect Digital and Physical Edition and Pre-Order Bonuses Announced, Digital Discount, Soundtrack Sampler, and More

“Tetris Effect Digital and Physical Edition and Pre-Order Bonuses Announced, Digital Discount, Soundtrack Sampler, and More” is locked Tetris Effect Digital and Physical Edition

Sony Interactive Entertainment and Enhance Games announced previously that Tetris Effect will release with both Digital and Physical Editions for PlayStation 4 on November 9. However, at that time the duo never announced any pre-order bonuses for the game.

It is now confirmed that Pre-orders for both the Digital and Physical editions of Tetris Effect are now available for North American, European, and Japanese regions. The Pre-orders for Asia will open on October 16th, 2018. The Pre-orders for the game include digital discounts and various digital bonuses.

The bonuses for Tetris Effect Pre-orders include Digital Discounts, a Soundtrack Sampler, various Avatars, and a PlayStation 4 Dynamic Theme.

The Digital Discount

The Digital Discount is available for all the digital pre-orders that originate via the U.S. PlayStation Store, and all the pre-orders on the European PlayStation Store. All the pre-order on these stores will have a 10  percent digital discount until the game’s official launch date which is November 9, 2018.

The Soundtrack Sampler


Players who pre-order either the Digital edition or the physical edition will get a code to download a new seven-track soundtrack sampler. This package will include the fan favorite Connected (Yours Forever) song. This particular song was featured in the Tetris Effect launch trailer. All the US PlayStation Store pre-orders will be able to get this code and they will be able to redeem it when their pre-order confirms.

The Avatars


Additionally, both the physical and digital edition of Tetris Effect will receive another code that will allow the players to download 7 different PlayStation Network Avatars. All these avatars will be based upon the in-game avatars that the players will earn in Tetris Effect. Players can earn all these avatars by completing various game challenges.

The PlayStation 4 Dynamic Theme


Similarly, both the digital and physical pre-orders will offer another code to the players that will help them download a custom PlayStation4 dynamic theme for Tetris Effect. This particular theme also includes the much-requested Connected (Yours Forever) song from the game’s official launch trailer. This theme will also include a beautifully re-created initial stage named as The Deep as well.


More information about the game is expected at the end of this month as the developer Enhance Games has teased about it. Hopefully, it’ll include all the details on the Public Weekend Trial Demo as well. Stay tuned for more news about Tetris Effect.


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