TCL 8K 6-Series (R648) TV Review 2021

TCL 8K 6-Series (R648) TV Review 2021

Given how famous TCL’s 6-Series 4K TVs have gotten in the course of recent years, it very well may be not difficult to excuse the organization’s transition to add a 8K model as a pattern based money get. Luckily, that is not in the least the case. The new 8K form of TCL’s 6 (series model R648) packs huge redesigns in the appropriate spots over the 4K-based R635 adaptation, which I audited well.

That the R648 is the most minimal estimated 2021 8K TV you can purchase is simply good to beat all. Peruse on to realize why this is probably the best television you can purchase this year, 8K or no 8K.

The TCL 8K 6-Series TV got well something beyond a 8K goal screen, and that was obvious upon first look at its container. A beautiful realistic shows the TV with a unified, brushed metal remain rather than the free platform feet we’ve seen introduced on the most distant sides of past TCL TV models. This is incredible information for anybody inspired by a huge TV screen size yet short on media stand space.

The 75-inch 75R648 model I got for survey was stuffed incredibly well. While this made unpacking the TV somewhat more included than I’m utilized to, the probability of the TV supporting any harm on the way is amazingly thin.

In the container with the TV, I found the previously mentioned TV stand, screws to join the remain to the TV, some item writing, two AAA batteries for the distant, and a totally upgraded Roku TV controller.

Consider the R648’s sound framework appropriately redesigned.

As I eliminated a defensive plastic pack from the TV, I observed another key plan overhaul: The presence of a subwoofer driver on the rear of the TV. The subwoofer is polished, dark, uncovered (not covered by a plastic barbecue) and has a level face as opposed to a conventional tapered shape.

Seeing the subwoofer up top, I really wanted to look past the plastic barbecue grates coating the underside of the TV while introducing the stand (which took four screws, a screwdriver, and all of around 30 seconds of my time). Amazingly, TCL has equipped the R648 with free tweeters to oblige two oval, down-terminating midrange drivers.

It’s uncommon enough to see a free subwoofer on a TV, however one which has sound system tweeters and midrange drivers is practically incredible. Consider the R648’s sound framework appropriately updated.

With the TV set up and connected, I tapped the force button on the far off and got comfortable for what I expected to be a 20-minute arrangement schedule.

While we looked into the 75-inch 75R648 model, our audit additionally applies to the 65-inch model.

Screen Size Model Number MSRP

  • 65-inch 65R648 $2,200
  • 75-inch 75R648 $3,000


I’ve whined finally in past TCL TV audits about how getting the TVs’ Roku TV OS going was a period suck, and that getting the TV’s image settings upgraded and applied across applications and all HDMI inputs was both a critical issue and not with regards to Roku’s truly easy to use approach. To my joy, my grievances were heard and the R648 currently upholds a surprisingly speedy Roku TV arrangement measure alongside perhaps the most natural picture settings applications I’ve encountered in 10+ long stretches of investigating TVs.

When the 75R648 was fueled up and associated with the web, it set about running its own Roku TV programming update. This required only a few of minutes. From that point, I was provoked to enter the email address appended to my Roku account and was sent an actuation interface. When I tapped the connection, the TV inquired as to whether I needed to introduce a couple applications (some of which are as of now a piece of my Roku profile) which felt somewhat like a supported advancement, however was over rapidly. Then, at that point, when it was the ideal opportunity for the TV to download applications or update any pre-introduced applications, I expected to have the option to leave and eat. Fortunately, that interaction just two or three minutes also.

Roku home screen on theTCL 6-Series model R648 Roku TV.

What truly satisfied me, be that as it may, was the manner by which rapidly I had the option to get my favored picture settings applied across various HDR designs and across different information sources. In the wake of choosing the Movie picture mode for its more exact shading temperature and absence of movement smoothing settings, I noticed that I could change the backdrop illumination power from ordinary, to brilliant, to more splendid, contingent upon how much encompassing light was coming into the room, or relying upon how splendid I needed the general picture to look.

This is a decent beginning, yet I expected to need to rehash this cycle for high powerful reach (HDR) and again after that for Dolby Vision; and not only for every individual application that I needed to utilize, however for every individual HDMI input that I planned to utilize. As you can envision, that is a great deal of work.

Yet, the R648 series sorted out what I was up to and had effectively chosen the proper HDR and Dolby Vision mode dependent on my inclination for the Movie preset in SDR for the Netflix application. It likewise made comparative settings for YouTube and the wide range of various applications I like to utilize. It was a comparable story for HDMI inputs, which globalized the settings for all contributions naturally, yet let me change them assuming I needed to. This is the way it ought to be done, people.

At any rate, it ought to be noticed that, for really confounded for those of us who appreciate cresting and tweaking our image settings, the R648 made the cycle a relative breeze.

Specs and estimations

Directly out of the case, I realized this TV was an extraordinary thing. I audit sufficient TVs that I can simply tell before I begin breaking out the estimation stuff or making any alignment changes. The HDR symbolism just flew off the screen, shading was all around soaked, splendid features were jumping out at me, and perhaps in particular, the dark levels and shadow detail looked great.

Confusingly, however, a look at TCL R648’s spec sheet has the TV looking a great deal like the 4K R635 TV, yet with a 8K goal redesign. The processor appears to be identical, the little LED backdrop illumination appears to be identical, the Roku OS appears to be identical. Nonetheless, when I began estimating the TV’s exhibition, it turned out to be quickly evident that the R648 is running on essentially more pull than its 4K cousin.

Utilizing a C6 colorimeter profiled to a xRite I1Pro and Calman programming, I estimated the R648’s pinnacle brilliance execution in the Movie picture mode with the backdrop illumination setting at Normal, Bright, and Brighter. This is what I got.

In Normal, I estimated 256 nits in SDR and 910 nits in HDR. That is incredible for a dull or faint room. In Bright mode, I got 346 nits in SDR and 1,226 in HDR. In Brighter, the TV was pulling off 460 nits for SDR and 1,563 nits for HDR which, trust me, was all that could possibly be needed in my testing room with a considerable measure of daylight radiating in. These are truly good numbers no matter how you look at it, and they show the TV is adaptable enough for a wide fluctuation in room conditions.

For those that consideration about backdrop illumination zone tally: The R648 offers 240 zones in the 75-inch model and 160 zones in the 65-inch model.

Picture quality

Unmistakably despite the fact that TCL is utilizing a similar backdrop illumination equipment, the R648 has been tuned for better. The pinnacle splendor estimations I took are altogether better compared to those I estimated from the R635. In any case, the upgrades aren’t restricted to higher splendor.

I noticed the R648 taking care of dull spaces of the screen obviously superior to the R635 did too, offering further blacks, even around splendid articles on dim foundations — an intense stunt to pull off with higher splendor readings in all cases.

The higher difference execution managed by that combo stretched out into shading execution too, yielding better-soaked tones at higher brilliance levels than I saw with the 4K R635. Other execution measurements pretty much continued as before, however. Movement goal was strong with no movement smoothing, with little stammer or judder in 30 casings each second and 60 fps content, and no discernible judder in 24 fps film content. Treatment of low piece profundity content, as YouTube recordings, was taken care of equivalent to the R635, or, in other words that it streamlined shading slopes genuinely well, however not as easily as, say, Sony’s TVs do.

Upscaling appeared to be taken care of with a similar ability too, however the work of upscaling 720p and 1080p substance as far as possible up to 8K is plainly more testing than it is to upscale it to 4K. In general, I’d say the R648 does a chief naval officer work with 8K upscaling, giving as sharp an image as can be anticipated with insignificant ancient rarities. All things considered, no TV is a marvel laborer, and generally link/satellite substance conveyed in 720p looked obviously sub-par compared to higher goal content from streaming applications like Disney+, Hulu, Netflix, and HBO max.

I altogether appreciated watching this TV consistently I sat before it.

Upscaling of top notch 4K substance was awesome, with no detectable antiquities presented. Natural scenes from 4K Ultra HD Blu-beam circles looked expertly delivered on the 8K screen. In any event, sitting only 7 feet from the 75-inch R648, I couldn’t make out singular pixels. This made for an exceptionally vivid encounter.

The R648’s Achilles heel is its off-hub execution. Normally, TVs that utilization a VA-type LCD board battle with keeping up with difference and shading immersion as you move off to the sides or well above/underneath the TV. While the R648’s upward pivot execution is fine, its level hub execution is limited to an extremely thin window, and its off-hub execution is verging on disgraceful. On the off chance that you have a wide review region and people every now and again sit well out of the way of the TV, they won’t get a similar heavenly picture quality those sitting straightforwardly before the screen appreciate.

Moving away from all the severe presentation examination, I can say this regarding the TCL R648: I completely appreciated watching this TV consistently I sat before it. As a major aficionado of OLED TVs and their ideal dark levels and complete absence of backdrop illumination inconsistencies, I was astounded at how well the R648 had the option to enthrall me without setting off my over-increased feeling of backdrop illumination mindfulness and smooth dark levels. Is the R648 a substitute for OLED in a setting with controlled lighting? Actually no, not as far as differentiation and shading. However, in a more splendid room, it will offer fundamentally preferable execution over most OLEDs available, save maybe the Sony A90J or LG G1 OLED TVs.

Sound quality

The R648 has a husky sound framework that solitary increases the value of the TV. The included subwoofer offers strong bass and a room-filling presence offered by scarcely any contemporary TVs. Exchange coherence is fantastic while sound system impacts are available if not totally persuading. My solitary objection is that the tweeters appear to have been siphoned up a piece, giving some brutality in the high pitch that I could manage without. In fact, this cruelty was more perceptible when paying attention to music than it was when staring at the TV shows or motion pictures.


In case it wasn’t clear at this point that the R648 offers definitely something other than a 8K screen, let me add this little goody on top: The R648 offers two HDMI 2.1 ports, and as a little something extra, they are autonomous of the TV’s eARC port.

Utilizing a Xbox Series X dashboard, I had the option to affirm that the R648 can convey 4K120/Hz and 8K/60Hz gaming with a variable revive rate (VRR), auto low idleness mode (ALLM), and HDR, all simultaneously. Like most TVs, 4K/20Hz gaming in Dolby Vision isn’t accessible.

Pair those image execution perspectives with the decently low information slack and picture upgrades given by THX Game Mode, and you have a standout amongst other gaming TVs you can buy. That the eARC port remaining parts allowed to serve those that have an intricate home theater framework without limiting one of those HDMI 2.1 ports is an outright reward. Just LG can make a case for having really gaming-accommodating TVs on account of offering four HDMI 2.1 ports in select models.

Our take

The TCL R648 is an extraordinary TV and exceptionally meriting leader status among TCL’s item setup. Its high brilliance, strong dark levels, awesome out-of-box shading execution, smooth movement, and amazing gaming hacks make it probably the best television you can purchase this year. The 8K goal? That is a reward. Like most TV producers, TCL is holding its best TV execution for its 8K TV setup, making whether or not 8K truly matters, disputable.

Is there a superior other option?

Not at this cost. Samsung’s 8K Neo QLED TVs and LG 8K QNED TVs might offer comparable execution in certain perspectives however at an altogether more exorbitant cost. With the R648 punching great over its value point, it bodes well for anybody hoping to buy a top of the line TV, 8K goal, or no.

How long will it last?

With its two HDMI 2.1 ports, smaller than normal LED backdrop illumination, quantum spot tone, and wide help for fluctuating HDR designs, the R648 should last into what’s to come. Approaching updates will probably be gradual. With respect to unwavering quality, TCL’s traction in the TV space keeps on getting more grounded as TVs from earlier years keep on working admirably.


TCL offers a one-year parts and work guarantee for the R648. You can explore to TCL’s enlistment and guarantee data here.

Would it be advisable for you to get it?

Indeed. The TCL R648 offers colossal worth with great execution combined with a cutthroat cost. While the 8K goal isn’t actually what makes this TV stick out, it offers a specific component of future-sealing. You’ll pay a premium for this TV yet get each penny back in execution.

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