TCL 6-Series 2021 8K QLED TV Review

TCL 6-Series 2021 8K QLED TV


The 8K rendition of the TCL 6-Series has almost all that we’d need specs-wise: 8K goal, Mini LED backdrop illuminations, and a quantum dab channel for better shading at the most reduced cost for any 8K TV. Its sound exhibition is a long way from awesome and just two ports have 4K/120Hz help for PS5 and Xbox Series X, however, at the cost, there’s no TV out there with higher specs.


  • Scaled down LED backdrop illumination
  • Quantum dab tones
  • 8K goal
  • Implicit Roku TV


  • 8K upscaling isn’t great
  • Movement artifacting
  • Just two ports are HDMI 2.1
  • Sound equilibrium issues

In the course of the most recent four years, the TCL 6-Series has gotten inseparable from fabulous execution at a great cost. As of recently, that has been restricted to 4K models that have dynamically improved over the earlier years, with advancements like QLED presented in 2019 and Mini LED tossed into the 6-Series in 2020. This year, notwithstanding, we’re adding an 8K goal to the rundown.

The TCL 6-Series 8K (R648) is authoritative – according to our observation in any event – the least expensive 8K TV available at $2,199 for the 65-inch variant of the screen and $2,999 for the 75-inch model. That undermines any semblance of Sony, Samsung, and LG by many dollars (a genuine accomplishment) and proceeds with the 6-Series’ pattern of undervaluing the opposition.

Tragically, however, in spite of undervaluing any semblance of the Samsung Q900TS, LG QNED 99, and Sony Z8H, the TCL 6-Series 8K doesn’t outflank them in each measurement – particularly with regards to upscaling and movement handling, two of the TV’s most fragile regions. Sound quality, as well, has adjusting issues and the TV just has two full-spec HDMI 2.1 ports that help 4K/120Hz or 8K/60Hz.

Despite the fact that it doesn’t dominate the best 8K TVs from different producers, the TCL 6-Series 8K offers us a brief look at what a reasonable 8K TV resembles – and it’s totally incredible.

The TCL 6-Series 8K is essential for TCL’s new 2021 TV arrangement and began showing up in August 2021 and no more American retailers. It costs $2,199 for the 65-inch adaptation of the screen and $2,999 for the 75-inch model, however, we’re expecting to see some value drops around Cyber Monday and Black Friday in the not-so-distant future.

As far as the opposition, the TCL 6-Series R648 is a lot less expensive than the opposition by a few hundred dollars. LG’s QNED 99 beginnings at $3,499 for the 65-inch form of that TV and rockets up to $4,799 assuming you need the 75-inch adaptation. The Sony Z8H is $3,999 for the 75-inch variant while Samsung’s Q900TS begins at $4,499 for the 65-inch form.

All that being said, the passage level 8K Samsung Q800TA is the nearest in cost to the TCL 6-Series: it’s $2,999 for the 65-inch QN65Q800TA while the 75-inch adaptation of the TV is right now discounted on Samsung’s site for $2,899 – $100 not exactly the 6-Series.

So what’s one to think about this? The TCL 6-Series is the least expensive available in front of Sony, LG and Samsung–however perhaps not exactly as modest as we had trusted it’d be – and there are choices out there for slightly more.

The new TCL 6-Series 8K TV with Mini LED


So the thing would you say you are paying for, precisely, with this 8K TV? Indeed, a decent lump of it is its higher goal and better AIPQ Processor that we’ll cover underneath, yet additionally the quantum dab channel and Full Array Local Dimming Mini LED lighting that has many differentiation control zones. Specs-wise there’s a great deal to like here.

Obviously, pressing the entirety of this stuff into a TV makes it weighty and less thin than, say, an OLED that can go down to a couple of millimeters top to bottom because of the manner in which it’s self-enlightening pixels work. It’s a TV that requires two individuals to unload and gauges substantially more than other 65-inch 4K TVs we’ve tried for this present year.

TCL 6-Series 2021 8K QLED TV

Fortunately, on account of the included stand, it’s unshakable when you have it on its base and doesn’t wobble by any means. Introducing the base is inconceivably simple and the all out arrangement measure including refreshing the product possibly requires a couple of moments in the event that you as of now have a Roku account arrangement for a Roku Ultra, Roku Express, or Roku Streaming Stick+.

To oblige the Roku TV interface is the included premium TCL TV far off that is in reality altogether different from the normal Roku controllers you might have in your home. The distance is all silver with side catches for raising and bringing down the volume, and speedy catches for Netflix, Disney, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video. It’s all around assembled and feels great in the hand, anyway it doesn’t have the 3.5mm helper jack for private listening like other Roku gadgets have, and that is somewhat of a bummer.

To wrap things up, we need to cover the information sources and yields and it’s here we tracked down the primary likely issue with the TCL 6-Series 8K: its HDMI ports. The uplifting news here is that, fortunately, two of the HDMI ports support HDMI 2.1 and acknowledge 4K/120Hz signs from a game control center like an Xbox Series X or PS5. The awful news? Those are the very two ports that can acknowledge 8K signals too. This means, not too far off, you’re simply truly going to have two ports that acknowledge 8K/60 or 4K/120 – the two different ports will finish out at 4K/60.

Savvy TV (Roku TV)

Like the 6-Series before it, the 6-Series 8K utilizations Roku TV as its shrewd stage. While there’s nothing unique about the adaptation of Roku TV on the 8K TV and some other Roku gadget, the UI glances really pleasant spread out across that load of pixels and it’s consistently incredible to see the plenty of upheld streaming applications readily available.

The interface, on the off chance that you haven’t seen it previously, is unquestionably natural with all your applications situated on the single home menu that can be redesigned however you would prefer. That implies you can put the applications that you utilize the most at the top, and consistently be a couple of catch presses from your most-utilized applications.

TCL 6-Series 2021 8K QLED TV

On account of the processor, Roku’s interface populates rapidly and is incredibly responsive – which truly accelerates the time it takes to discover something to watch. Additionally around to help is the inherent voice partner who can help you track down something explicit utilizing the far off’s amplifier.

Roku’s populist query items will show you results from the rest of the applications – and even focuses on the ones that are accessible free with promotions or accessible with your memberships. That is a benefit that Roku has over stages like Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV that would like on the off chance that you adhered to their computerized video stores.

As far as application determination, Roku TV carries every one of the significant players to the table including Disney Plus, Apple TV Plus, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Peacock, and then some. The lone genuine missing connection on Roku right presently is YouTube – and that is because of some ongoing agreement dealings between the two organizations and will be settled (in all probability) sooner rather than later.

The lone serious issue we have with Roku TV is that it’s somewhat plain contrasted with content-first shrewd stages like Google TV that is continually suggesting the best in class TV shows and motion pictures that it believes you will like. Seeing a rundown of new shows and motion pictures each time you fire up the TV feels fresher than Roku’s old application based methodology, yet numerous Roku clients like that consistency in the UI quite a long time after year.

Picture quality

On the off chance that you’ve never seen an 8K TV, you’ll be passed up the TCL 6-Series. At the point when it’s taken care of 4K substance – particularly content shot in HDR or in Dolby Vision – it truly sparkles. The 6-Series has this ideal method of adjusting clear tones, striking differentiation, and extraordinary dark levels all without haloing, light drain, or oversaturation.

The key to the TV’s prosperity lies in its Mini LED lighting that can precisely control how much light is going to anyone part of the screen at a given time and the amount of the screen’s LED zones should be wound down. That gives a LED nearly OLED levels of command over the differentiation and diminishes issues like blossoming that you’d find on other LED-LCD TVs.

TCL 6-Series 2021 8K QLED TV

As far as shading and differentiation, the new 6-Series has every one of the instruments for the work.

Indeed, the lone issues we’ve had with the TV’s presentation are with its movement preparing (some judder on medium settings) and its upscaling – particularly when taking care of it HD or sub-HD content. Watching the new Masters of the Universe energized show on Netflix had difficult issues with its movement until we essentially wound down the movement preparing from the menu, while HD shows like Kim’s Convenience looked more like a fair 4K picture as opposed to a perfectly upscaled 8K picture.

In the two cases, the TV’s issues are observable. In case you’re watching an upscaled HD show, you may see a cycle of grain behind the scenes where the processor needed more information to work with while movement artifacts can make the development look janky in enlivened shows or leave a haze in quick movement surprisingly realistic substance.

It’s here that a ton of people would contend that this is an issue innate to every 8K Tv – to be specific the absence of genuine 8K substance. However, that contention possibly remains constant while upscaling calculations don’t work really hard and make the content look not exactly heavenly on the supersized screens. That isn’t actually the situation here – even the most exceedingly awful HD upscaling to 8K looks better compared to some TV’s 4K upscaling execution – it simply hasn’t satisfied the high bar set by other 8K TVs.

Sound execution

Out of the case, the 6-Series 8K defaults to a typical sound mode that puts forth a valiant effort to adjust the sound range. The issue we found there was that bass overwhelmed the blend and left the exchange hard to hear. In the event that we changed the sound settings to zero in on the exchange, it drew all the other things excessively far back, causing films to feel essentially less artistic. Essentially, in one or the other setting, it’s not great.

The most ideal choice we’ve found so far is to combined the sound settings With a good soundtrack and manage a slight uptick in the high pitches for clear mids and solid – yet contained – bass reaction.

How that affects you, probably, is that you’ll need to get a decent Dolby Atmos soundbar with the TCL 6-Series 8K and interface it by means of the eARC port. It’s an additional cost, indeed, however, you’ll be a lot more joyful with the outcomes.

Get it if…

You need a sample of 8K at 4K TV costs

Perhaps the best thing the TCL 6-Series 8K has making it work is its sticker price – at only $2,199 for the 65-inch form, it’s extremely close in cost to a great deal of leader 4K TVs from other TV creators. It’s multiple times the measure of pixels at a similar cost.

You like profound difference and shading immersed pictures

Because of Mini LED backdrop illumination and the quantum spot channel, the 6-Series makes wonderful, shading rich pictures with an outstanding difference. Certain scenes in the new Masters of the Universe almost carried a tear to our eye on account of exactly how lovely they looked.

You need a TV for both gaming and streaming

In case you’re a gamer or an energetic decoration, you will cherish the 6-Series 8K. With admittance to practically every significant real-time feature and two HDMI contributions with 4K/120Hz help, it’s an incredible ally for both the Xbox Series X and PS5.

Try not to get it if…

You watch a ton of sports, kid’s shows, or activity films

Due to the TV’s issues with movement handling, we wouldn’t suggest it for devotees of animation shows, activity motion pictures, or high-speed sports. You can kill a portion of the movement artifacts by changing the settings yet we were always unable to dispose of it totally.

You need a future-evidence 8K TV

The TCL 6-Series 8K certainly feels like a decent TV to purchase at the present time, however not too far off it will be dangerous when you need to connect a few 8K streaming gadgets or game control center. Since it just has two HDMI 2.1 ports – you’ll need to utilize them sparingly.

You need the end-all, be-all 8K TV

We really preferred the TCL 6-Series 8K and thought that it was above and beyond for our overall survey propensities. Notwithstanding, there are as yet a couple of regions for TCL to develop where different producers presently have the advantage. In the event that you have abundant resources, it merits looking a tad.

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