Tanglewood: A Sega Mega Drive Game is Releasing This Month


If you love the 90’s Sega games, then you are going to enjoy this new upcoming Tanglewood game for the Sega Mega Drive which is developed by Big Evil Corp., and is going to release this month. It’s an exciting game, which has puzzle elements and is a mix of the most valued Sega games, i.e., The Lion King and Another World.

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The focus of the game or the main player of the game is a creature, Nymn. The creature separated from its family (pack). The creature lives underground with the family. Now, that it separates from the family after sunset, he must struggle and survive the terrors of the night. The players who play the game have to guide the creature out of the dark and dangerous night. There are traps, evasions, tricks and also predators which the gamers will have to defeat.

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It’s playable on consoles of any region of the world. Matt Philips developed the game using the authentic Sega Mega Drive development hardware. It’s why the game gives the excellent 90’s look. Matt Philips has also worked at Traveller’s Tales and Crytek. According to Philips, he has programmed the game using only Assembly Language. The game should feel just like any 90’s old-fashioned game.


  • A physical 16-bit cartridge
  • A mix of action and puzzles games.
  • It has special abilities, tricks, and traps
  • An authentic storyline
  • Brilliant animations
  • Various types of enemies encountered due to the time of day cycle
  • The game also has collectibles,
  • It also has secret areas that games can explore and also a lot many bonus levels.


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