Tamatem launches ‘Girl’s Secrets’ in the Middle East in partnership with Nanobit


Tamatem, the main portable games distributer in the MENA locale, dispatches ‘Young lady’s Secrets’ in the Middle East in organization with Nanobit, the Croatian versatile games designer. Young lady’s Secrets is the limited and ‘Middle Easterner ized’ rendition of Nanobit’s amazingly well known account game ‘My Story’.

Young lady’s Secrets isn’t the principal restricted game in organization with Nanobit. In 2020, Tamatem distributed the fruitful title ‘Design Queen’ otherwise called ‘Hollywood Story’ that surprised the MENA market with more than 10 million game downloads.

Dina Rashdan, Tamatem Product Manager, states: “We have exclusive standards on the dispatch of Girl’s Secrets in the MENA market. This account game will be the first of its sort around there and will unquestionably get clients charmed as they decide the destiny of their own special customized characters!”

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Tamatem’s cooperation with Nanobit in 2020 was just the start of a productive association in distributing phenomenal versatile games around there. Dominik Safaric, Project Manager at Nanobit states “After the fruitful dispatch of Fashion Queen, we’re pleased to proceed with our joint endeavor with Tamatem in confining and distributing one of our most well known global hits in portable games, ‘My Story’, into Arabic. This continuation of our association has permitted us to reinforce our relationship as well as grows existing open doors in taking ‘My Story’ to the MENA district and arrive at Arab gamers who have been getting a charge out of the game massively even before the restriction. We are certain that Tamatem’s broad information available and crowd will essentially affect the Arabic narrating gaming scene and that this association will furnish Arab players with energizing encounters.”

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Tamatem has worked with a small bunch of famous worldwide game engineers to carry hands down the best games to the MENA market. Today, Tamatem remains at the bleeding edge of the business with more than 100 million game downloads and then some. You can download Girl’s Secrets on both Google Play and App Store.

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