System Shock: Enhanced Edition Update is Out Now, Adds In the 4K Support, Official Mod, and System Tweaks

System Shock: Enhanced Edition Update is now finally out. The new update adds in 4K support along with an official mod for the game.

The remake of System Shock is expected to land in 2020 as Nightdive has previously announced. But while we wait for the remake, the studio has in fact offered a chance to enjoy the original game in 4K. Not only that, the studio has added a new official mod that enhances the user experience, offers some much-needed tweaks.

In addition, several other new features have also been made part of System Shock: Enhanced Edition. Although, the game already had the graphical improvements added in it previously, the new update named as the Source Port Update adds tons more to the game. As part of Source Port Update, new high-resolution assets, smoother camera movements, and mouse-look facilities are now part of the game.

As the name of the new update for System Shock suggests, it’s the very first time the game is going to be rebuilt from scratch. This means the game is being rebuilt using the original source code using the KEX Engine by Nightdive Studios. The source code for the remake is already out to the public.

If you want the Steam key, you can pick it up from Humble Store for only $2. This means you’ll have an 80% cut in the price. This offer will stay available to all the System Shock fans until 13 September 2018. However, Steam is offering it on a 50% discount as compared to GOG’s 0% discount.

As one of the most liked and talked about titles, System Shock has remained a topper in the top trending games list for years. Let’s hope that the remake is even more amazing and fans of System Shock will like it more than the original game.

Stay tuned for more info about the game.


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