Sudden Strike 4 Gets Africa – Desert War New Chapter With New Missions, Two New Campaigns, Over 30 New Vehicles, and More

Sudden Strike 4

Sudden Strike 4 gets a brand new chapter included in the game packed with new missions, vehicles, and doctrine commanders and more. The Kalypso Media has recently announced that the game will get this new chapter named as Africa – Desert War which is based on the historic battles that took place in North Africa during the wars.

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The new chapter Africa – Desert War for Sudden Strike 4 includes two mini-campaigns, over 30 new vehicles, 5 new Doctrine Commanders, and six new Single-player missions. One campaign features Axis. Players take control of mighty Italian army and attack Egypt in order to seize the city of Sidi Barrani. To complete the mission, players will need to capture the harbor of Tobruk and march through the Kasserine Pass of Tunisia.

While in the Allied campaign of Sudden Strike 4 – Africa – Desert War, players will have to take part in a mission named as Operation Compass. The objective in this mission is to recapture the city of Sidi Barrani while breaking through the huge German defense in the blood Battle of Mareth.

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Additionally, on top of all the new campaigns and missions, players will be able to choose between any of the five new Doctrine Commanders. The Doctrine Commander will help players by leading the way to the battles. Moreover, the new chapter of Africa – Desert War offers over 30 new vehicles in Sudden Strike 4. The all new medical truck – Marder II Tank Destroyer and the remarkable British Bishop SPG are also included in the new vehicles.

The Sudden Strike 4 new chapter Africa – desert War is now available on both PC and Xbox One. The PS4 version will launch on October 15th, 2018 in Europe. Information about the PS4 version of the new chapter for other regions isn’t out yet.


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