Subdivision Infinity DX Announced for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, Announcement Trailer Also Released

Subdivision Infinity DX

Subdivision Infinity DX, the sci-fi 3D space shooter has finally been announced for a release on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch. The publisher Blowfish Studios and developer Mistify Studios have confirmed the release today.

According to the release date announcement trailer, the game will release on all these major gaming platforms in early 2019. A new announcement trailer for Subdivision Infinity DX has also been released.

According to the Blowfish Studios overview of the game, players will be able to fly intergalactic fighter ships as pilots. Their ultimate goal in the game will be to save the star system from a challenging and equally capable enemy.

The game offers more than 40 action-packed and engaging story-based missions. In addition, players will be treated to several side quests as well that expand to many other star systems. Subdivision Infinity DX takes you on an epic ride on which you’ll have to defeat hordes of enemies. Thrilling dogfights, boss battles, and all the action awaits you in Subdivision Infinity DX.

Along with a beautiful narrative and an enthralling story, Subdivision Infinity DX offers a unique experience of flying a nimble spacecraft. It features an array of challenging missions and tons of other great content. Players will be able to explore various planets and stars in the game.

The basic objectives of the game are to collect and mine for asteroids and rare minerals, unlock new spaceships, and craft various powerful upgrades for the game as you keep on exploring.

Subdivision Infinity DX offers a whole new chance to all the players to explore a huge game world and engage in a really mesmerizing experience. The studio has also released new images from Subdivision Infinity DX as well. You can have a look at them on the official website.

Check out the announcement trailer for Subdivision Infinity DX below.

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