Stranger Things Is All Set To Spice Up Our Summer 2019

Stranger Things Is All Set To Spice Up Our Summer 2019

Yes, Duffer brothers have confirmed that the season 3 of Stranger Things will be out by Summer 2019. The shoot has begun from 23rd of April and the fans couldn’t be more excited to see the cast once again on the screens. The reason for the delay is explained by the Netflix’s Original Content VP, Miss Cindy Holland, she stated that the hype that Stranger Things both the season have created made the creators, Duffer Brothers, and the producer Shawn Levy realize that the stakes are high and they have to deliver something bigger to their fans.

What Is Expected From Season 3?

In season 2, we saw the debut of Kali aka eight, this season too we expect some of Eight-Eleven bond. According to David Harbour aka Jim Hopper, he gave a few hints about her relationship with so-called daughter-Eleven. He said that it may turn into a more complex relationship due to the growing years of Eleven and all the changes occurring to her. Dr. Owen, who we all already dislike, may have something more to tell in season 3. And who is not excited to see ‘Daddy Steve”, of course, we all loved the bond shared by Steve and Dustin and Duffer Brothers have confirmed that they will maintain this bond in next season too. Coming to Will, he may get a break this season from all those traumas. Rest, the cast is all set to entertain their audience.

How Many Episodes Will Be There In Season 3?

Confirmed by the creators, the season 3 will have in total 8 episodes. And if you are thinking that this will be the final season of the series, then to your delight the answer is no, The Duffer Brothers have confirmed that there will be 4 seasons of the Stranger Things.


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