Stone Launches On PC Next Week via Steam, Gameplay Trailer Revealed by Convict Games

Stone, the hip-hop stoner noir video game by Convict Games is set for a launch next week. The developer announced that the game will launch on PC via Steam.

The Convict Games has also released a new gameplay trailer with commentary by Greg Louden, studio lead. Louden has discussed the game and its features in detail so fans are ready for the game.

According to Louden, Stone is a hip-hop and stoner noir video game that features the character of Kuala. Kuala is a bit overweight private detective who loves to drink a lot. As the gameplay trailer suggests, Kuala kicks off the game by finding the pieces of a previous night to find another lost character named as Chookie.

Set in an old town filled with all kinds of amenities such as bars, clubs, and shops, Stone lets the players explore the world and collect clues. With a remarkable and interactive story, Stone offers an old school look and feel of the game.

In addition, Stone engages the players in challenging puzzles and offers soothing background music as well as point-and-click type game-play. Also, the game offers various side games in it as well along with an environment players might never have seen before.

With all the latest details and a detailed gameplay trailer, Convict Games has also released information about the game’s key features. These features include a noir-film inspired game-play, a great story, an insane cast of characters, in-game public domain movies, diverse exploration options, beautiful environments, and stuff. Stone is set for a release next week.

As of now, we’ve got only this much of the information on the game. As soon as anything else comes out on Stone, we’ll be the very first to relay it to you. So, stay tuned.

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