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  • Cost
  • Cool RGB plan
  • For the most part helpful side catches


  • Awful thumb button arrangement
  • Hefty for a cutthroat gaming mouse

I have an inquiry for you. In the event that you utilize a gaming mouse with additional catches in a serious game and your adversaries don’t, does that consider cheating? I primarily ask on the grounds that subsequent to utilizing the SteelSeries Rival 5 gaming mouse, I feel like I may be cheating during Call of Duty. I unquestionably feel at a benefit, in any event.

The Rival 5’s ideal and most exceedingly awful highlights are the five fast activity side-catches (nine programmable altogether). I wouldn’t several side mouse catches, however some gaming mice will in general try too hard by swarming a lot of catches that become abnormal to use practically speaking. The Razer Naga X puts four columns of catches right where you rest your thumb, for instance.

The Rival 5 attempts to track down a superior method to give you 9 programmable catches that aren’t standing out, and it for the most part takes care of business.

To be reasonable, the Naga gaming mouse targets MMO and MOBA players who have a dependence on a huge load of hotkeys. The Rival 5 is equipped towards fight royale games where the objective is never having your fingers move from the WASD keys except if they need to. Universe Of Warcraft PvP players may several all around set catches valuable for saving valuable milliseconds during an exceptional landmarks match.

The issue with a great deal of gaming mice, in any case, stays one of catch arrangement. The more you add, the more imaginative you must be about where to put them. The Rival 5 has a smart workaround by adding a thin up/down cushioning over two (likewise thin) thumb catches. So presently you can plan four activities on actually three catches. The curiously large silver side catch is the solitary catch with problematic arrangement. I like it not being straightforwardly where I rest my thumb yet it sits somewhat unattainable, making it hard to use during gaming.

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Indeed, even with a palm hold, the silver catch is in an abnormal position. I’m really a paw grasp fellow, and I wound up giving my thumb quite a stretch. I don’t figure it would be an issue for people with bigger hands and longer thumbs—are long thumbs a thing? For my petite digits, notwithstanding, it was anything but an extraordinary fit.

I do like the situation of the side oar and the two long, thin fastens under it. It’s anything but’s a region for your thumb to sit without stressing over unintentionally hitting a catch in a hysterical firefight in Apex Legends.

SteelSeries offers a couple of shrewd suggested button planning layouts (which more organizations ought to accomplish) for games like CoD: Warzone, World of Warcraft, and Fortnite. Better believe it, you could simply plan whatever works, yet it was great to perceive what SteelSeries thought the best for famous multiplayer games.

Offloading orders for reinforcement plates and explosives to the mouse side catches made my life such a great deal simpler in Warzone, regardless of whether it’s anything but a couple of rounds for my muscle memory to dominate. I even had a go at planning some form orders onto the mouse in Fortnite and ended up really appreciating playing it; a game I regularly do inadequately at in light of the fact that I’m so poo at building towers. The Rival 5 sits at 85g, which isn’t the lightest, yet it seems like it can take some maltreatment. However much I love utilizing a 60g very light gaming mouse, you can’t resist the urge to figure one great press could break the damn thing. On the off chance that you feel the same way, yet the additional weight is even more a worry for you, SteelSeries’ Prime line of gaming mice may be more a good fit for you.

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SteelSeries has utilized the TrueMove Air sensor as the optical sensor for the most recent Rival mice, a similar one it is right now utilizing thriving series gaming mice, and that tracks genuinely well for a gaming mouse under $100.

The SteelSeries GG application controls the Rival 5’s exceptionally splendid RGB lighting, and you can expect all the typical RGB controls to tweak it to how you see fit from inside the application. The application gives a significant degree of customization for every one of the zones as well. The RGB inflections on each side give the Rival 5 a decent degree of character and I generally like it when the RGB on a gaming mouse doesn’t simply wind up getting covered by your palm.

While I concur with the plan reasoning of having that load of additional catches on the Rival 5, their helpfulness slips when one of them passes on a tad bit of reach. Notwithstanding that one abnormal catch area, nonetheless, the SteelSeries Rival 5 is a strong gaming mouse for cutthroat gaming.

Another enormous in addition to is the mouse is just $60, and considering every one of the highlights you have out of the crate, it’s quite a decent cost. It’s simply that those additional catches alone aren’t sufficient to make this an especially extraordinary mouse; it’s strong, however minimal more.

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