Starlink: Battle for Atlas, Gameplay Trailer Revealed for Nintendo Switch, Check Out New Key Features

Starlink Battle for Atlas

Ubisoft has revealed the Starlink: Battle for Atlas gameplay trailer. The gameplay trailer for the sci-fi action-adventure and thriller game was released online today. Although, the new gameplay trailer is not a very long one, its long enough to let players know what the game offers.

Also, various independent and non-independent outlets have also released their gameplay videos of Starlink: Battle for Atlas gameplay. Fans can now have a detailed look at the gameplay, use it as a walkthrough and enjoy knowing about new features of the game.

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According to Ubisoft, in Starlink: Battle for Atlas, players are allowed to be part of a team of Interstellar pilots. Their ultimate duty is to save the Atlas star system from the notorious Forgotten Legion. Forgotten Legion is a Robotic force with a goal to destroy Atlas.

Players will be able to build their modular space ships, mount them on their controllers and enjoy defeating the enemies in epic space battles. Upon equipping their model ships with various parts, their shape in the game in real time will change.

Starlink: Battle for Atlas key features

Star Fox is an exclusive Nintendo Switch system and acts as exclusive add-on content. It features missions such as McCloud, Arming, and several other bonus missions. The player can fully customize their ships. Mix match pilots, create hulls, wings, weapons and eventually assemble their ideal ship.

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The game offers a variety of customization and creativity options along with the ease to explore the entire star system on the ship. In the game, players can enjoy seamless space travel while flying around exotic alien worlds and environments.

Moreover, with remarkably creative battles, Starlink: Battle for Atlas offers an incredible and exciting game-play. According to Ubisoft, Starlink: Battle for Atlas will release on October 16, 2018. The game will debut on the same date on Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One.

Check out the new Starlink: Battle for Atlas – Star Fox game-play trailer below.

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