Spider-Man The Heist PS4 DLC Teaser Trailer is Out, Introduces Felicia’s Black Cat

Spider-Man The Heist PS4

All the Spider-Man: The City Never Sleeps fans cheer up as PlayStation has just released a new teaser trailer for the upcoming DLC pack The Heist. The City Never Sleeps is the latest sensation among all the Spider-Man fans around the globe.

There’s actually two good news that came with this teaser trailer. One is that it allows fans a peek into the game’s very first chapter and the second is the reveal of Black Cat.

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The Spider-Man new DLC The City That Never Sleeps hit the news last week. PlayStation has revealed the new teaser trailer for the DLC that features the first look at the first chapter of the TCTNS DLC pack. The New DLC is named The Heist. The new DLC features the character of Felicia Hardy as the Black Cat.

This character remained in hype since the reveal of the game. Fans can now have a detailed look at the character, thanks to PlayStation.

As a duo, both PlayStation and Insomniac have released the 30 second teaser trailer for the game’s DLC, The Heist. According to the dates previously revealed, the new Spider-Man DLC is releasing on October 23, 2018.

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The previously announced DLC, The Heist is going to introduce a number of new missions to the game. In addition, fans will be treated to a totally new faction of enemies. Three additional new Spider-Man suits are also part of the new DLC.

The developer Insomniac has also previously revealed that the game will be hitting the market on September 4. Though, it’ll only be available on PS4.

Further details about the game and the new DLC remain unavailable at this point. But, by the looks of this new teaser trailer, fans can speculate that there is something major that the Black Cat is after. As Black Cat A.K.A. Felicia is a villain in the game, it seems that she’s going to give Spidey a hard time.

Check out the new Spider-Man: The City That Never Sleeps new DLC teaser trailer below.


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