Spider-Man PS4 DLC Release Date and Price Officially Confirmed

Spider Man PS4 DLC

The director of the community, James Stevenson, made an official statement regarding the release date of Spider-Man PS4 DLC. He released through on the PlayStation Blog that this DLC will come with a pack of three games. The first one, The Heist, will be released on October 23, the second game Turf Wars will out by November and the third and final game of this series is the Silver Lining which will be released in December. Together they will be called City That Never Sleeps. You can buy the set of three games for $25 and can play the game once they are out and on the other hand you can buy individually for $10. The Digital Deluxe edition will available for $80.

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The Heist will be out soon as confirmed by Insomniac games. The game starts with Black Cat (Felicia Hardy), with the intention of toying with Spider-Man she’s dropping hints in various part of the city. The game features few new characters with unique powers. The fans will require around 20 hours for completing the main campaign of the game. Let see how the three games will perform.


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