Spacelords Developer MercurySteam Collaboration With Sony Interactive Entertainment For Full Cross-Play, New Update Expected Soon


Spacelords developer MercurySteam has just confirmed that it is going to collaborate with Sony Interactive Entertainment. This new collaboration will be for the full CrossPlay features between the major gaming platforms. According to the dev, the cross-platform play is available between platforms but they are restricted. In addition, current players can enjoy cross-platform play between PS4 and PC, Xbox One and Windows, or PC and Steam.

All this because Sony doesn’t allow a full cross-platform play for Spacelords. Meaning that the cross-play for the game can’t be enjoyed on all platforms. However, this was until yesterday as the MercurySteam has now announced that they are in fact working with SIE. Hopefully, after this collaboration with Sony Interactive Entertainment, players will be able to enjoy a full Cross-Platform play on all gaming platforms. The developer further said that an update will be released to enable this feature for all the platforms.

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According to MercurySteam;

Spacelords currently features cross platform gaming between PlayStation 4 and Steam, and Xbox One, Windows 10 and Steam. Technically, expanding cross platform gaming to all platforms is relatively easy for our team to implement, and very desirable too for a game like ours – having a strong, unified community that can play together is key to Spacelords’ continuing success. We are working in cooperation with SIE to allow cross-platform play for Spacelords and we aim to update everyone on that shortly.

The developer has also revealed a roadmap for the upcoming updates of Spacelords. It is highly likely that the developer will focus on the following key elements of the game.

  • Space guilds
  • Spacelords Identity
  • The Aurora Spectors
  • The Great Clash

All four of these milestones are considered to be the items that are in fact going to be addressed in the upcoming Spacelords updates. Hopefully, fans will soon receive the much-awaited feature of Cross-Platform along with the updates the developer has pointed out towards.

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