Soul Calibur 6 Tier List (October 2021)

Soul Calibur 6 Tier List (October 2021)

Soul Calibur 6 is the most recent portion of the Soul Calibur establishment created by Bandai Namco Studios for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. It is one of the most even weapon-based battling games on the lookout. The game works really hard of propelling the series while additionally remaining consistent with its foundations. Soul Calibur 6 has a quick, essential battle and hearty person customization. In our Soul Calibur 6 Tier list, we will be positioning awesome and the most noticeably terrible contenders in the game. As clarified in our For Honor Tier List, these characters are thought about through models.

Soul Calibur VI is the latest passage in the notorious Soulcalibur establishment. With extraordinary consideration and scrupulousness put in by the engineers, it’s adored by fans all over the place. In a genuine battling game design, there will be warriors who perform better compared to others on the list. In this article, we separate Soulcalibur VI and rank the characters from best to most noticeably awful.

Soul Calibur 6 saints are amazing. The range of abilities and capacities given to them will make you level up your own game. There are extremely restricted saints accessible when contrasted with different rounds of a similar kind yet all of these legends will be overwhelming. So it is regular that you would need the most elite. Subsequently in this aide, we will give you a level rundown of the relative multitude of characters in Soul Calibur 6 positioned from best to most exceedingly terrible to assist you with picking the best legend for yourself.

It ought to be noticed that Soul Calibur VI is perhaps the most adjusted battling game accessible, and the hole between levels is definitely not a tremendous one. Each warrior has a nice possibility of supported achievement gave you put the energy into learning them. This rundown serves to order the granular benefits of each character and break them across levels. We should get into it. Now we should consider that the assortment of alternatives to pick a person in Soul Calibur 6 is very broad. Thusly, considering that it is a genuinely adjusted battling game, the thing that matters is in the little subtleties.

Those that lie in discovering somewhat more with regards to some deceive or novel move of your person. Subsequently, to turn into a specialist middle age warrior you will require extended periods of time training; nonetheless, with the assistance of HDGamers, you can definitely diminish your diversion time.

The justification for this is that today we give you an aide, for example, the Soul Calibur 6 level rundown, where we have had the option to consolidate the characterization of the relative multitude of characters in the game. Thusly, you will track down the top to offer you that little ounce of benefit that you will require in the marvelous fields of Soul Calibur 6.

Soul Calibur 6 Tier List

This is the Ultimate Soul Calibur 6 Tier List that will give you an outline of the most vulnerable and most grounded contenders so you can win more battles utilizing the best warriors in the game. We should get directly into it.

Note: This Soul Calibur 6 Tier list is emotional; it may shift for you relying upon your battling style.


The S-Tier remembers the most grounded contenders for Soul Calibur 6. These are the best characters at the high degree of rivalry inside the current Meta.

CervantesAcheron & NirvanaCervantes made his first appearance as a villain in the Soul Calibur series. He is one of the strongest characters in the game. It will take you some time to master this character because of his high skill ceiling. He is a mid to close-range rushdown character and has great fundamentals.
YoshimitsuBlade & SwordYoshimitsu is a versatile character in both Tekken and the Soul Calibur Series. He does not have a very long range but he has a lot of speed and different techniques to attack the enemy. Yoshimitsu has swift attacks, punishing counters, and he also deals a lot of damage.
RaphaelFlambertRaphael is a fast and powerful character. He has a wide range of different combos that allow him to adjust to any situation. He specializes in thrusting and slashing attacks. His throw attacks are hard to avoid and have a long-range.
AmyAlbionAmy is a very flexible and well-rounded character. She doesn’t have a lot of range but in close-quarter, she can destroy the opponent. Her soul charge is hazardous when she is stacked with Purple Roses. She also has great offenses and parries.
TalimSavageTalim is a fighter with high skill in combat. She possesses dual elbow blades. Talim has powerful combos that reward an offensive playstyle. She can summon a small tornado around her opponent to send them flying.


A Tier list highlights extraordinary contenders in Soul Calibur 6. These characters are awesome options in contrast to the S-Tier and in general practical warriors in the game.

SophitiaSword and ShieldSophitia is predominantly a counter fighter. She has an aggressive playstyle because of her Seraphim Strike and right side throw. She doesn’t deal a lot of damage but has good combos, and she can also move very fast.
IvyIvy BladeShe is highly effective in controlling the battle arena. Ivy has a distinctive fighting style that utilizes both long and short-range attacks, due to her magical sword. Ivy’s low attacks are one of her weaknesses since they can be easily guarded.
ZasalamelKafzielZasalamel has high combat skills with his death scythes which are unique to the Soul Series. He has decent zoning options, brutal and hard-to-read moves that make him a formidable opponent.
CassandraSword and ShieldCassandra is well known for her aggressive fighting style. She can place a lot of pressure on her opponents through her fierce combos, stuns, and throws.
XianghuaSaparaXianghua’s fighting style uses rapid, flowing strikes which can be mixed up to confuse the opponent and making it hard for them to fight back effectively. She deals good damage for low-risk moves.


B Tier list highlights outstanding contenders in Soul Calibur 6. These are helpful warriors yet they can frequently be very situational.

KilikKali-YugaKilik is well known for his defining practice of rod martial arts. He has a good range and speed. There isn’t anything exceptional about his fighting style when compared to the other fighters.
SetsukaUgetsu KageuchiSetsuka’s fighting style consists of lightning-fast and damaging attacks. She has a wide range of countermoves and a very dangerous soul charge. Albeit her attacks alone are quite weak, Setsuka can deal a lot of damage once her abilities are maxed out.
2BContract and Treaty2B can perform acrobatic leaps and mid-air slashes, and extremely fast evasions. She wields multiple weapons, smoothly switching from one to the other to perfectly suit the situation. Her movelist heavily relies on her aggression shift that can absolutely wreck her opponents.
MitsurugiShishi-OhMitsurugi is a robust character that hits very hard and deals a great amount of damage.  He has good range, and his movement is also pretty decent.
MaxiFatibalMaxi is an outstanding character. He has different stances, each with its peculiarity. Your opponent will need to put in extra effort to adjust to his different stances. It may take you some time to master his playstyle.


This rundown includes the respectable contenders in Soul Calibur 6. These contenders can be acceptable picks yet they’re still less solid generally.

AzwelPalindromeAzwel’s fighting style grants the unique ability to wield dual swords, a spear and shield combination, and a giant axe. His damage output isn’t great, but he can execute safe and low-hitting shots that help him compete against other fighters.
AstarothKulutuesAstaroth has a brutal fighting style. His command grab and attacks can deal a massive amount of damage. His only weakness is his slow movement speed.
TakiRekki-MaruTaki is known for her deceiving and unpredictable strikes. She can surprise her opponent with her long combos.
Seong Mi-NaScarlet ThunderSeong’s fighting style involves using extensive strikes and swinging her weapon around. She can also use her weapon as a platform, balancing on the side to kick her enemy.
HwangDark ThunderHwang’s fighting style is very similar to Mitsurugi, with the exceptions being his throws and kicks. He can deal a lot of guard damage thanks to the life force.


This rundown includes the sub optimal warriors in Soul Calibur 6. These contenders are not genuinely terrible however they require additional work to truly make them sparkle in the current Meta.

GeraltSteel Sword & Silver SwordGeralt is a decent fighter in Soul Calibur 6. His fighting style is fluid and dynamic, but he doesn’t have any exceptional traits that make him unpredictable compared to other fighters in the game.
NightmareSoul EdgeNightmare’s fighting style is more offense orientated. Nightmare’s moveset focuses more on overwhelming the enemy with heavy blows and less on stance.
Haoh MaruFugudokuA lot of his fighting style focuses on his power-based swordplay. He has powerful attacks that can be really effective but are a bit shallow when compared to other fighters.
TiraShriekerTira’s mechanics can be quite complex due to her state shifting. The giant blade in her hand adapts its form to best suit her fighting style.
SiegfriedClockworkSiegfried has relatively slow attacks that hit very hard. Siegfried can be very effective against players that have a tentative playstyle.  Siegfried’s stances and soul charge are not so powerful.


This rundown includes the most exceedingly terrible class of warriors in Soul Calibur 6. These are the most futile or probably too hard to even think about dominating to merit the work.

VoldoManas & AyusVoldo combines his signature weapons Manus & Ayus with his distinctive combat style to lethal efficiency. He has a lot of mix-up options and deals a decent amount of damage.
GrohAerondight ReplicaGroh can utilize a mix of staff and sword techniques to spin his sabers and increase his range, and he also has the ability to teleport. Groh’s weakness is his toolkit which does not have many powerful attacks.
HildeGae Dearg & MoralltachHilde’s fighting style allows her to freely switch between using her lance or her sword. But she is very vulnerable to mid to long-range attacks due to her lack of floor control.

Best Characters In Soul Calibur 6

That was the finish of our Soul Calibur 6 Character Tier List. For this Tier List, we took on the configuration of “S” to “F” positioning. S-Tier Characters are the most grounded and the most valuable at an undeniable degree of the contest and F-Tier Characters being the most pointless or the most fragile contenders in Soul Calibur 6. Ideally, our Tier List will assist you with picking the ideal warrior for your sort of playstyle.

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