SNK 40TH Anniversary Collection New Trailer Introduces Vanguard And Alpha Mission, Both Classics Confirmed by NIS America


SNK 40th Anniversary Collection new trailer has been released by SNK and NIS America. The new trailer introduces two of the most popular SNK classics such as Vanguard and Alpha Mission. The duo have also confirmed that both of these classics are now part of the SNK 40th Anniversary Collection.

According to a brief overview of the games by NIS America, in Vanguard, players will be navigating through the caves while blasting their way through hordes of foes. The game is a multi-dimensional shooter that offers an action-packed game-play.

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Additionally, an important aspect of the game is to keep track of your constantly depleting fuel. This happens because you act really fast in the game and kill multiple enemies at the same time. Once all the enemies are leveled, players can face the Great King Gond.

Similarly, in Alpha Mission, players will be defending the planet against all the enemies attacking from within. The game world gets destroyed and a new galactic alliance known as the Seven Stars. As part of the Seven Stars, players will help find a new habitat for the remaining population. As the ultimate search ends, Earth gets chosen as the new home. But soon after the arrival, waves of enemies destroy the dream of living in peace.

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In Alpha Mission, players will have to face the enemy in challenging and fast-paced aerial combat. They will have the choice to strengthen their arsenal and defeat the enemies once and for all. Both the Alpha Mission and Vanguard offer tons of power-ups that will help players achieve the goals.

SNK 40th Anniversary Collection is going to release on Nintendo Switch on November 13, 2018, in North America. The European release will take place with a slight delay on November 16th, 2018. A release in other regions is yet to be confirmed by the studio.

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