SNK 40th Anniversary Collection DLC Bundle Launches On December 11th, The Bundle Includes First Five Free DLC Titles


SNK 40th Anniversary Collection DLC bundle will launch on December 11th, confirms NIS America. NIS America has also announced that the bundle will include first five free DLC titles in the bundle. These titles include Munch Mobile, Chopper I, Time Soldiers, Fantasy, and Sasuke vs. Commander. Following is a brief overview of each game by NIS America.

Munch Mobile

Munch Mobile DLC title for SNK 40th Anniversary Collection, is mainly a driving game with a touch of exploration elements. The game lets players control a car and cruise your way through various beautiful and scenic routes in order to reach down to their final destination which is a Garage. Players can pick up supplies and items such as gas canisters and fruits and keep on with your driving and exploration journey.

Time Soldiers

Time Soldiers allows players to traverse through time with the D-Scanner. Find and rescue the comrades in the game. However, if players are not at the right time and right place in history, they’ll have to defeat that specific era’s boss before they make a leap towards the right time and era.


Fantasy takes players on an epic search and rescue mission where players will have to find the love of their life. Set in wild jungles, and the seas, Fantasy tasks players to rescue Sherry.

Sasuke VS. Commander

Similarly, Sasuke Vs. Commander players act as the legendary ninja Sasuke who wields shurikens. The goal of the game is to protect the master at any cost. In this classic feudal Kyoto, players must fulfill their duties just according to the requirements.

Chopper I

Chopper I takes players on an epic journey of chaos where they’ll be pitched against the enemy tanks, ships, planes, and enemy troops. The ultimate purpose of Chopper I is to defend the player’s own settlements against hordes of enemy troops. Completing the game solely depends upon your firepower and the ability to carry out the mission.

All these exciting titles are now part of the SNK 40th Anniversary Collection DLC bundle. SNK 40th Anniversary Collection is all set to release globally on November 13th, 2018 in North America. This version of the game will only be playable on Nintendo Switch. NIS America also has plans to launch the game on Nintendo Switch on November 16 in both Europe and North America.

Check out the new SNK 40th Anniversary Collection DLC Bundle Trailer below.


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