Slay The Spire Tier List

Slay The Spire Tier List

It’s a lot simpler to win in Slay The Spire in the event that you go for the right cards. Here is the best Slay The Spire level rundown for Ironclad, Client, Defect, and Watcher.

Since its authority discharge in 2019, Slay the Spire has been generally welcomed by the gaming local area overall. Its exceptional blend of roguelike and deck-building components tempt players to continually replay races to accomplish the best time they could. The tremendous measure of card blends (called collaborations), conceivable likewise opens the entryway for additional enhancement. Along these lines, we’ve assembled a rundown that positions all cards accessible from best to most noticeably awful. There will be four separate records – each comparing to the vitally playable characters in the game.

Slay The Spire Tier List is a deck building game being delivered in 2019. There are four playable characters accessible in the game. You can choose any of them to begin the game. Toward the beginning of the game, you will have a couple of cards on your deck. Some of them are assaulting and some are guarded cards. You need to battle against the foes with the assistance of these cards. Each character has various cards yet their motivation is something very similar.

You can force your assault on the foe by utilizing the assaulting cards. As you gain some headway in the game you will actually want to get all the more impressive and significant cards. This will make your deck a lot more grounded and you have the alternative to buy cards during the game also. You should utilize the cards astutely. There would be many game things in the battleground, you can get them. They might be helpful in the later pieces of the game.

The game comprises many levels. You need to continue by killing the foes. There will be a foe supervisor toward the finish of each level. You can win the specific level by killing the chief. When you kill the chief and win the level you will be granted the gold and will actually want to purchase incredible cards. That is the way into your accomplishment in Slay the Spire game. You can play Slay the Spire game on Windows PC.

The cards of the Slay The Spire Tier List game comprise three principal classes. There are cards in each class, the cards are Ironclad, Silent, and Defect.

I’ve won a20 Heartbreaker runs with each of the 4 characters and honestly, I believe they’re all fun and fantastic. This positioning is clearly founded on my own encounters:

Quiet – Incredible guarded choices like Leg Sweep, Wraith Form, and Malaise. The toxin is OP, particularly Catalyst, and there are a few extraordinary toxic substance relics. Several cards that incur Weak + Paper Krane are a large portion of a triumphant deck all alone. Whoop to Well Laid Plans, which is as yet extraordinary regardless of its new nerf.

Watcher – Anything in Slay the Spire that says ‘twofold’ or ‘triple’ is by and large nuts. Anger (Tantrum) and Divinity give her astonishing burst harm alternatives. Mental Fortress, Talk to the Hand and Like Water is acceptable cautious cards with great cooperative energies.

Ironclad – He has an incredible hostile (Strength + multi hit moves/Heavy Blade) and protective (Barricade/Entrench/Body Slam) scaling that is reasonable even late game. It takes somewhat more work to get him to those huge numbers than it accomplishes for the Silent or Watcher and he needs 4 energy or Snecko Eye for the greater part of his constructs.

Imperfection – Although he has incredible Act 1 harm yield, he scales the slowest of the characters and his protective collaborations aren’t exactly as solid (despite the fact that Glacier is completely nuts). He’s likewise tormented by some really exceptionally terrible force cards like Heatsinks and Hello World and cards that seem to have cooperative energy like Scrape and Reprogram, however really have restricted utility.

Ironclad Tier List

The Ironclad’s emphasis is on doling out incredible strikes and keeping up with amazing protective alternatives.

It has the most elevated HP out of all characters when beginning a run, and has the Burning Blood relic, which recuperates 6 HP after each battle experience.


CorruptionPower3Skills cost 0. Whenever you play a Skill, Exhaust it.Rare
EntrenchSkill2Double your current Block.Uncommon
ReaperAttack2Deal 4(5) damage to ALL enemies. Heal for unblocked damage dealt. Exhaust.Rare
ExhumeSkill1(0)Place a card from your Exhaust pile into your hand. ExhaustRare
HavocSkill1(0)Play the top card of your draw pile and Exhaust it.Common
SentinelSkill1Gain 5(8) Block. If this card is Exhausted, gain 2(3) energy.Uncommon
Burning PactSkill1Exhaust 1 card. Draw 2(3) cards.Uncommon
Seeing RedSkill1(0)Gain 2 energy. Exhaust.Uncommon
BludgeonAttack3Deal 32(42) damage.Rare
Feel No PainPower1Whenever a card is Exhausted, gain 3(4) Block.Uncommon


UppercutAttack2Deal 13 damage. Apply 1(2) Weak. Apply 1(2) Vulnerable.Uncommon
ShockwaveSkill2Apply 3(5) Weak and Vulnerable to ALL enemies. Exhaust.Uncommon
Second WindSkill1Exhaust all non-attack cards in your hand and gain 5(7) Block for each.Uncommon
Demon FormPower3At the start of each turn, gain 2(3) Strength.Rare
Ghostly ArmorSkill1Ethereal. Gain 10(13) Block.Uncommon
Battle TranceSkill0Draw 3(4) cards. You cannot draw additional cards this turn.Uncommon
Flame BarrierSkill2Gain 12(16) Block. Whenever you are attacked this turn, deal 4(6) damage to the attacker.Uncommon
Spot WeaknessSkill1If an enemy intends to attack, gain 3(4) Strength.Uncommon
ArmamentsSkill1Gain 5 Block. Upgrade a(ALL) card(s) in your hand for the rest of combat.Uncommon
OfferingSkill0Lose 6 HP. Gain 2 energy. Draw 3(5) cards. Exhaust.Rare
Shrug It OffSkill1Gain 8(11) Block. Draw 1 card.Common
PummelAttack1Deal 2 damage 4(5) times. Exhaust.Uncommon
CarnageAttack2Ethereal. Deal 20(28) damage.Uncommon
Dual WieldSkill1Create (2) copy(s) of an Attack or Power card in your hand.Uncommon
Infernal BladeSkill1(0)Add a random Attack to your hand. It costs 0 this turn. Exhaust.Uncommon
BarricadePower3(2)Block no longer expires at the start of your turn.Rare
Power ThroughSkill1Deal 2 damage 4(5) times. Exhaust.Uncommon


IntimidateSkill0Apply 1(2) Weak to ALL enemies. Exhaust.Uncommon
DisarmSkill1Enemy loses 2(3) Strength. Exhaust.Uncommon
ClotheslineAttack2Deal 12(14) damage. Apply 2(3) Weak.Common
Perfected StrikeAttack2Deal 6 damage. Deals an additional 2(3) damage for ALL your cards containing “Strike”.Common
Fiend FireAttack2Exhaust your hand. Deal 7(10) damage for each Exhausted card. Exhaust.Rare
FeedAttack1Deal 10(12) damage. If this kills a non-minion enemy, gain 3(4) permanent Max HP. Exhaust.Rare
BloodlettingSkill0Lose 3 HP. Gain 1(2) Energy.Uncommon
Dark EmbracePower2(1)Whenever a card is Exhausted, draw 1 card.Uncommon
JuggernautPower2Whenever you gain Block, deal 5(7) damage to a random enemy.Rare
ImperviousSkill2Gain 30(40) Block. Exhaust.Rare
RampageAttack1Deal 8 damage. Every time this card is played, increase its damage by 5(8) for this combat.Uncommon
MetallicizePower1At the end of your turn, gain 3(4) Block.Uncommon
Pommel StrikeAttack1Deal 9(10) damage. Draw 1(2) card(s).Common
WarcrySkill0Draw 1(2) card(s). Place a card from your hand on top of your draw pile. Exhaust.Common
Body SlamAttack1(0)Deal damage equal to your current Block.Common
Heavy BladeAttack2Deal 14 damage. Strength affects Heavy Blade 3(5) times.Common
DropkickAttack1Deal 5(8) damage. If the enemy is Vulnerable, gain 1 energy and draw 1 card.Uncommon


True GritSkill1Gain 7(9) Block. Exhaust a random card from your hand.Common
ImmolateAttack2Deal 21(28) damage to ALL enemies. Add a Burn to your discard pile.Rare
Blood For BloodAttack4(3)Cost 1 less energy for each time you lose HP in combat. Deal 18(22) damage.Uncommon
EvolvePower1Whenever you draw a Status, draw 1(2) card(s).Uncommon
WhirlwindAttackXDeal 5(8) damage to ALL enemies X times.Uncommon
Limit BreakSkill1Double your Strength. Exhaust.Rare
Sword BoomerangAttack1Deal 3 damage to a random enemy 3(4) times.Common
Reckless ChargeAttack0Deal 7(10) damage. Shuffle a Dazed into your draw pile.Uncommon
Sever SoulAttack2Exhaust all non-attack cards in your hand. Deal 16(20) damage.Uncommon
InflamePower1Gain 2(3) Strength.Uncommon
Double TapSkill1This turn, your next (2) Attack(s) is(are) played twice.Rare


HeadbuttAttack1Deal 9(12) damage. Place a card from your discard pile on top of your draw pile.Common
Iron WaveAttack1Gain 5(7) Block. Deal 5(7) damage.Common
Twin StrikeAttack1Deal 5(7) damage twice.Common
RageSkill0Whenever you play an Attack this turn, gain 3(5) Block.Uncommon
Fire BreathingPower1Whenever you draw a Status or Curse card, deal 6(10) damage to all enemies.Uncommon
BrutalityPower0(Innate). At the start of your turn, lose 1 HP and draw 1 card.Rare
AngerAttack0Deal 6(8) damage. Add a copy of this card to your discard pile.Common
Searing BlowAttack2Deal 12(16) damage. Can be upgraded any number of times.Uncommon
RupturePower1(0)Whenever you lose HP from a card, gain 1 Strength.Uncommon
ThunderclapAttack1Deal 4(7) damage and apply 1 Vulnerable to ALL enemies.Common
Wild StrikeAttack1Deal 12(17) damage. Shuffle a Wound into your draw pile.Common


CombustPower1At the end of your turn, lose 1 HP and deal 5(7) damage to ALL enemies.Uncommon
HemokinesisAttack1Lose 3(2) HP. Deal 14(18) damage.Uncommon
FlexSkill0Gain 2(4) Strength. At the end of your turn, lose 2(4) Strength.Common
CleaveAttack1Deal 8(11) damage to ALL enemies.Common
BerserkPower0Gain 2(1) Vulnerable. Gain 1 Energy at the start of your turn.Rare
ClashAttack0Can only be played if every card in your hand is an Attack. Deal 14(18) damage.Common

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