Sherlock Season 5 is Coming Soon as the Shooting Has Been Started, Source Says

Sherlock Season 5 Return Soon

Although no official statements have been published by the producers yet, the news of season 5 is confirmed by a source.

Of course, you must be wondering about who released such a big news. Actually, Chris Georgiou who is the owner of Speedy Café at the Baker Street, where the Sherlock and Watson’s Apartment is situated at, saw the shooting of the season 5. In fact, the café served the cast and crew a few beverages as well. So yes, our source of the information is Chris Georgiou but we are not sure about the credibility of his statement, yet we all wish that his news may turn out to be true.

The idea of not seeing Sherlock anymore is as galling for Benedict Cumberbatch as for his fans. He said if the quality of content is maintained, he is ready to play his role as the world’s best detective over and over again. But it seems that his co-actor Martin Freeman known as Dr. Watson is not as excited about the season 5 of Sherlock. He finds the role more stressful rather than joyful. According to him, the expectation from the character keeps rising up, he feels pressurized. That is why, for now, he is enjoying the break and resting for a while.

Although the creators, Mark Gatiss, and Steven Moffat are busy with other projects and have not made any confirmation regarding the 5th season of the show. As a fan, all we can do is hope and wait for the upcoming announcements.


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