Secretlab Announces New The Magnus Gaming Desk

Magnus Gaming Desk

Secretlab reported for this present week another item in its line of gaming gear that is not quite the same as the seats they’re known for: The Magnus gaming work area. Made of metal and equipped with a “attractive environment,” the work area flaunts various highlights outfitted towards link the executives to ensure you just see the work area, your gaming framework, and whatever else you mean to show. The work area itself and a few adornments are accessible to arrange as of Tuesday with more embellishments displayed in Secretlab’s promotions to be accessible sometime in the future.

The work area comes in two sizes, yet just the 59″ variation is accessible at this moment. It’s valued at $449, so not very distant from where Secretlab’s gaming seats land, however it’s important that large numbers of its extra link the board instruments are sold as additional items.

A first look shows what appears to be a regular dark, metal work area – which, may be an or more relying upon what your arrangement resembles since it’ll go with practically anything – however the video underneath from Secretlab flaunts all the in the background highlights at play that will shroud your links and light up your gaming space.

Over at the rear of the work area, you’ll track down a link plate that seems to do the majority of the work with regards to concealing those bothersome wires and links. Rather than having every one of your lines dropping down behind or around your work area, you can get them into the plate and close the cover to put them far away. An attractive sheath that joins to the leg of the work area shrouds the links as they get down to any place they should be. One of the more apparent advantages of this plan is the way that, due to these secret links, you can put your work area flush in a difficult spot.

The outside of the work area is somewhat flimsy, yet that is by configuration too so that Secretlab’s seats can slide straight up under it in the event that you’d lean toward a nearer see. Normally, the work area has the alternative for add-on RGB light strips that connect to the work area by means of its attractive properties so you can arrange your lighting arrangements through an included regulator. Attractive link secures which can be appended to the sides of the work area help hold your links when you’re not utilizing them.

You’ll see in the video that a tangle covers the highest point of the work area. It’s created with leatherette, and Secretlab’s “Mark Stealth” variation of the tangle comes included with the acquisition of the work area, however a Secretlab agent educated us that is important for a dispatch promotion going on at this point. Two different variations are accessible, one from Cloud9 and one from Team Liquid, with both of those accessible to pre-request for $49 each.

While the work area itself will do a ton of the link concealing work, things like the attractive sheaths for the legs, the attractive link secures, the light strips, and different alternatives are sold as additional items, so consider the $499 value a beginning stage. Different things appeared in the video like the headset holder will be accessible sometime in the future.

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