A Certain Magical Index Season 3 Trailer and Premiere Date Revealed

A Certain Magical Index Season 3 Trailer

If you are ready for another magical adventure, then you are going to love what’s coming. The anime hit A Certain Magical Index is going to return. The first trailer of the third season of the series is already out.

The trailer has some new characters. The main character Toma is also there. The character’s look hasn’t changed a lot. The trailer showcases Index and Mikoto Misaka.

The third season is going to be action-packed. The trailer tells us that there are going to be magicians. The Warriors are in a fight against Espers. These fights take place at various points. It means that the series will be full of action and thrill.

The series is an action fantasy. The screenwriters take the story of the series from the novel Dengeki Bunko. It’s a world where people have magical and supernatural abilities. The character Toma has unique abilities. He can negate other’s powers. The index is a girl who is on the run from a Church.

The new season will premiere in Japan on October 5 this year.

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