Devolver Achieves a new Milestone-Scum Sells 250K Copies within a Day

SCUM sells 250k copies

The creators of SCUM, Croatian Studios Gamepires and the creators of The Talos Principle series, Croteam are overjoyed by the response received by the game from all over the world. SCUM within 24 hours has sold over 250k copies of the game. The fans are loving it. The game supported by the Unreal Engine and is the only online game of Devolver Digital to hit the golden milestone in such a short span.

The multiplayer online game created by the developers of Serious Sam is available for $20 and prices are expected to rise once the PC exclusive goes through development. The game features an advanced UI to enhance the gaming experience of players. Available on Steam Early Access, the game was released for sale on 29 August, and within a few hours, most of its copies were sold out. The game, based on the theme of survival is said to be an advanced version of Day Z. It features the theme of “prison riot survival game”, the players will be playing on an island which looks like the Mediterranean Island. At once 64 players will be playing to survive and escape the island by removing the implant, which stops the players from leaving.

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