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Samsung Galaxy Note 9: S Pen, Fortnite Deal, Display, Storage, Battery, Color Options, Prices, Pre-order and Trade-in Program

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 – How to Pre-order

Galaxy Note 9 from Samsung is now official, you are just hours away from ordering this new and shiny smartphone. Note 9 features the new S Pen, with Fortnite exclusive and a larger display. There are also 2 storage options: 128 GB or whopping 512 GB. With an addition of a bigger battery, Note 9 appears to be a hit the time it goes on for sale.

On August 10, preorders for the new Samsung Note 9 will start. The orders may arrive 2 weeks later, probably on 24 August, and same day availability begins in-store.

In Samsung Galaxy Note 9, you can get sky blue color, with a yellow S Pen that we have Samsung saying for the past month. You will also find lavender, purple, black, and copper color options but blue and purple shades are only accessible in the US.

Samsung Note 9 is listed with 128 GB at just $999, and 512 GB model at just $1,250 in the US. Remember, however, that carriers are going to set their own price for Samsung 9.

Beyond standard offers from the Samsung & carriers, they are offering people who pre-order Galaxy Note 9 a choice of fortnite 15,000 bucks, or a free pair of AKG headphones. With an extra $99 amount and you will get both of them.

You can pre-order the Galaxy Note 9 at Samsung’s official website or at Shop Samsung application on the Android device. Trade-in program of Samsung offers over $450 off on the new Note 9. Also, you will get the quote from Samsung in your preorder procedure. Of course, credit you will get depends on a phone you are looking to trade. This ranges from over $200 for LG V30 or $450 for the iPhone X, Google Pixel 2XL or Samsung S9 Plus.


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