Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Review (2021)

Galaxy Buds Pro


The Galaxy Buds Pro guarantees much on paper, particularly in case you’re a Samsung fan, yet their sound quality misses the mark concerning the class chiefs.


  • Apparently adjusted
  • Great detail through the midrange
  • Very much made


  • Dull sonics need more verve
  • Commotion dropping could be better

How Samsung would you say you are? It’s a significant inquiry with regards to the Galaxy Buds Pro, since, supposing that your answer is as per “not all that Samsung, really” then, at that point you can most likely move along. These aren’t the genuine remote earbuds you’re searching for.

Yet, in case you’re more “I’m pretty Samsung truly”, read on. The Galaxy Buds Pro has a lot to bring to the table, and the more Samsung you are the more they need to give.


Things have taken a turn since the Galaxy Buds Pro was dispatched recently. In those days you were taking a gander at serenely over £200 in the UK, however, that has decreased to an undeniably more sensible £139 nowadays. In the United States, where valuing is by all accounts somewhat less unpredictable, you’re presently taking a gander at $169 or something like that. Australian clients, in the meantime, should prepare themselves to burn through AU$299 or somewhere around there.

Galaxy Buds Pro

You barely need us to reveal to you these costs bring the Galaxy Buds Pro into direct rivalry with, how about we see… above and beyond twelve sets of comparatively estimated, exceptionally respected genuine remote earbuds from the absolute most full brands around. No pressing factor, then, at that point.

In-ear earphones: Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

The Galaxy Buds Pro is accessible in similar shadings as the Galaxy S21 cell phone: Phantom Black, Phantom Silver, and Phantom Violet. This is a lot of Phantoms, particularly when you understand the charging case comes in a similar completion as well.

The plan is substantially less individual than Samsung’s past vegetable formed endeavors. The Galaxy Buds Pro is your standard ‘wind to-fit’ course of action – in spite of the fact that at a shade under 2.1cm long, they’re somewhat more conspicuous in situ than many other options.

Finish and construct are, typically, flawless. The earbuds are glossily plasticized and set up with the kind of effectiveness that you’re qualified for anticipating from a worldwide super-brand with an item portfolio the size of a word reference.

In-ear earphones: Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

Samsung supplies three sets of silicone ear tips with the Galaxy Buds Pro, so discovering a size that suits your ears is easy. From that point, it’s very simple to get the earbuds situated serenely – albeit, maybe in view of their actual size, there’s somewhat more development in the buds than is great. Odds are you’ll wind up repositioning these earbuds somewhat more routinely than you would quite a few elective plans.


This segment partitions conveniently into ‘Highlights the Galaxy Buds Pro have that are for everybody’ and ‘Highlights the Galaxy Buds Pro have for individuals that are very Samsung’. We should begin with the principal classification.

Battery life is of the ‘fair’ instead of ‘remarkable’ type – with dynamic clamor wiping out turned on, you can sensibly expect around five hours of diversion from the earbuds, and another dozen or somewhere in the vicinity from the charging case. Turn the ANC off and those numbers leap to around seven hours in addition to 20-ish. Five minutes on the force through USB-C is sufficient to get you one more hour of playback, and the Galaxy Buds Pro can likewise be utilized with any Qi-affirmed charging cushion.

Galaxy Buds Pro

Samsung is, obviously, the proprietor of Harman – and Harman, obviously, is the proprietor of earphone legends AKG. AKG has had a great deal of contribution to the Galaxy Buds Pro where detail and tuning are concerned, and here the sound is conveyed by a wonderfully intensive plan of 6.5mm tweeter and 11mm mid/bass driver in each earbud. Each earbud likewise includes three mics, dealing with dynamic commotion dropping, call quality, and voice control.

Control is likewise accessible by means of the capacitive surface on each earbud, and covers ‘play/stop’, ‘skip advances/in reverse’, ‘answer/end/reject call’, and spinning through clamor crossing outmodes.

An IPX7 rating is an awesome information, both for the more dynamic among us and the individuals who discover they need to run their earbuds under the virus tap once in a while. The Galaxy Buds Pro can get by as long as 30 minutes in up to a meter of new water, which definitely should be adequate.

To the extent remote network goes, the Samsungs use Bluetooth 5.0 – once more, ‘fair’ as opposed to ‘exceptional’. It’s above and beyond for streaming higher-goal computerized sound documents, and with SBC and AAC codec similarity the earbuds are adequately glad to work with wellsprings of practically any sort. Be that as it may, in case you’re the proprietor of a Samsung Galaxy cell phone or tablet, Samsung’s Scalable Audio codec is additionally accessible, alongside the lossless transmission it’s prepared to do.

What’s more, somewhere else, Samsung fanciers partake in somewhat more usefulness as well. They can profit with multipoint blending, without hands Bixby voice-control, and SmartThings Find, which by one way or another knows precisely where your Galaxy Buds Pro earbuds are regardless of whether they’re not matched with a gadget.

There’s likewise the best level of control accessible to Samsung Galaxy proprietors when utilizing the Samsung Wearables control application. The iOS variant is practically no frills, while the Android comparable is somewhat more helpful and Samsung proprietors can enjoy extra highlights like customization of touch controls.


Up until now, so typically careful. Which makes it all the seriously amazing and, generally talking, baffling to track down that this work appears to mean almost nowhere the real solid of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro is concerned.

Once through a Qobuz hello res record of Julia Holter’s rendition of Gold Dust Woman is sufficient to make the positives and negatives of the Galaxy Buds Pro methodology self-evident. In addition to side, they’re pleasantly adjusted; no space of the recurrence range is under-or exaggerated and, in spite of the various driver course of action, incorporation of the recurrence range is smooth. The multi-followed vocal in the midrange is nitty gritty and informative, with pleasant consonant partition.

The highest point of the recurrence range is similarly nitty gritty and opposes showiness or hardness, however in case you’re tuning in at energetic volume a certain spikiness is presented. At the furthest edge, there’s a humanized level of punch. The Samsungs shape bass data quite well, stacking it with the same amount of detail as somewhere else in the recurrence reach and heaping on the textural data as well.

But then there’s an inadmissible thing about the general sound of the Galaxy Buds Pro, regardless of whether its individual angles appear to be genuinely tame. Indeed, it very well might be ‘innocuousness’ that is at the core of the issue here.

A change to the somewhat more direct strong of Snapped Ankles’ Forest of Your Problems (additionally by means of Qobuz, as a 96kHz document) represents the point well. Generally, the Galaxy Buds Pro is a boring and undemonstrative tune-in – they’re so harmless it’s actually very hostile. Their general resonance is matter-of-truth, their dynamic capacity is gentle in the limit, and their capacity to appropriately assault a tune is fundamentally non-existent.

On the off chance that you exist on a sound eating routine of smooth, pleasant music that is what might be compared to warm milk, you’ll discover the Samsung a comfortable partner. Assuming, notwithstanding, your preferences are somewhat more catholic than that, the Galaxy Buds Pro has a safe place you’re probably not going to spur them out of.

It’s also a disappointing story where commotion retraction is concerned. Fundamentally, it’s average – some surrounding sound is nullified, absolutely, yet not every last bit of it, in any event, when set at ‘max’. So you’re not totally ready to evaluate the fairly lukewarm sound of the earbuds without some outside contribution to oblige it.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro is an inquisitive recommendation. They’re indicated to be completely aggressive and they’re planned and worked as expertly as any ostensible other option. However, with regards to sound quality, they’re as provisional and repressed as possible paid attention to. They don’t drop outer commotion all that successfully, all things considered.

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