Samsung Comes Up With Its New Foldable Smartphone

Samsung Foldable Smartphone

Samsung is working really hard on a new foldable smartphone that can be introduced next year. The phone reportedly will feature 7inch of display that will bend in half and transform it in a wallet shape. The outside of this device will have some type of display. Due to two displays feature, the company will build a larger battery that is quite worrisome due to earlier Galaxy Note battery issues (explosions). The phone can cost over $1,500 and will be marketed first to the niche users, such as gamers.

The foldable phone concept is not quite new for Samsung; we have been reporting on this for years. Last year in October, there were images of the Samsung patent, which showed off the bendable phone design.

Samsung has earlier said that they were working on the device multiple times. In 2017, principal engineer of Samsung, Kim said that the company was focusing mainly on the bezel-free displays and they will pivot to the bendable displays. The company now has introduced many phones with minimal bezels, though not totally bezel-free, thus it appears the team can be refocused to something new.

Samsung’s phone may not be perfect for multitasking and gaming, but one thing for sure, it will look cool and super unique.


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